Ascension & Sacred Sexuality

We’re coming off the summer solstice (here in the Northern hemisphere, anyway, winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere) and a full moon in Capricorn yesterday, that have set the energies on fire once again. Having said that the energies are intense all the time, really, these days, and keep getting turned up more and more, regardless of what happens in the heavens.

Personally, I’ve been put through the ringer a little but lately, as I experienced some episodes that were quite triggering, and brought up some deep seated stuff around my abandonment wounds. I didn’t even realize that I still had that much unresolved stuff around that, and felt a bit disappointed in a sense, with all the work I’ve been doing around that, that I’m still not further along. But I’m still peeling away the layers of the onion, it would seem, and so I had to dive deep once again, and look at what was there. That’s what this ascension journey is like, two steps forward, one step back. As this was going on, I also had two accidents, one where I hit my head pretty hard, and another where I sprained my toe. I guess the universe was trying to get my attention and have me slow down a bit, so I took the hint, and have been spending the last few days going inwards, reflecting and meditating. As a result, I’m starting to come back up again with more clarity, on the mend, both physically and emotionally, and can already sense that I’m reaching another level through this last bit of healing.

One of the energies that can be both triggering and elevating on the ascension journey, is the sexual energy, and I do believe that it had something to do with my triggers, as well as ultimate elevation in this recent experience of mine. Sexual energy in its purest, untainted form, is a very powerful, universal energy, that can help uplift our energies and bring about healing, strengthen creativity and much more. It is so much more than just about sex. It’s a vital lifeforce. I have come to understand that it is one of the strongest energies in the universe. Only love is stronger, and is the foundation for everything, which is why I believe the more you can be grounded and stable in unconditional love, the more you can really fully harness the sexual energy and reap all its benefits. However, due to the patriarchy’s hijacking of all things sacred, and perhaps especially sexuality, we have so many issues around it, and is one of those areas where a lot of healing is needed, both individually and collectively.

I believe one of the reasons why sexuality has been so misguided and twisted on earth, is because we haven’t really treated it as the sacred gift that it is. And it truly is a sacred gift. It can be one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences, especially when it is grounded in love, but when it’s not, it can cause so much pain, guilt and shame. Because of how it has been used and abused over the past centuries, probably millennia, we all carry so much karmic and past life heaviness and shame around our own sexuality that I think most of us have forgotten what this energy is supposed to be all about. Many religions and even some deeper spiritual traditions have made it into something shameful, making us feel as if we are doing something wrong when having sexual urges, especially us women.

Even within a marriage where two people are supposed to love each other, the sexual act has often been out of balance, and not practiced from the place of love and joy that it could (and should) be. Because we have had such an imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies here on earth for such a long time, where women and feminine values especially have been oppressed, I think many of us have been thrust into patterns that we may not have been aware of, even in the bedroom. Although things have changed a lot for the better in recent years when it comes to gender equality and sexuality, there are also things that linger, and I believe that many have been and still are somewhat trapped in unhealthy patterns because of (often unconscious) fear, doubt and shame.

A couple of years ago I attended a lecture on tantra at an expo here in Norway, and I also recently read a book that touched on the same topic. They talked about how tantra and sexual energies used to be a bigger part of spirituality and religion, but with the patriarchal “take-over” of society these sacred, feminine practices were weeded out and only practiced in secret for a very long time. Thankfully they weren’t completely lost, and now that we are beginning to awaken and shift into a new paradigm of love and light here on earth, they are on their way back. Part of the awakening and ascension of Mother Earth is about recognizing and healing our sexual wound, so that we can get back to experiencing the purity of this energy and all the bliss that it can bring. In fact, I believe it is a vital step in our spiritual growth right now. Much healing, forgiveness and work on ourselves is needed to get there, and although I believe we as a society have taken some important steps in that direction, but we are by no means done yet.

With the awakening of the divine feminine, we as women play an important part in healing the sexual wound and bringing the sacredness back into the sexual act. We do this by honoring ourselves and our bodies, by treating them as the sacred temples that they are, and by becoming leaders in our own lives. This will be an important step in bringing back balance to the earth, balance between the masculine and feminine, man and woman, physical and spiritual, and to uplift us all into something more, something better. As we can only have the ultimate happiness in a relationship when both parties love, honor and respect each other as equals, this is also true for society as a whole. Once we all are able to release and forgive all the shame and guilt around sexuality, both on an individual and societal level, we have come a long way in healing the old wounds.

It starts with each of us individually though, so think about what you can do to heal, what you need to forgive and let go of. Once we are able to do that, we can begin to enjoy the sexual energy for what it was meant for, to heal and uplift us into more joy, love and bliss than we ever thought possible!

With that I wish you a great weekend, and send you lots of love & light,

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