Vibrational Healing

The body and soul are made up of frequencies that form a harmonic whole when a person is in balance. These frequencies may fall out of tune due to stress, emotional trauma and unhealthy thought and behavioral patterns, and we are unable to live the life of joy, peace and vibrancy we are meant to live. Vibrational healing is the art and science of consciously bringing these vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment through the use of vibratory tools. This holistic approach brings harmony and healing to the human energy field.

Vibrational healing tools are many and varied, and include Reiki and energy healing, aromatherapy, crystals, yoga and meditation, flower remedies, herbs, homeopathy, massage and sound healing. I primarily work with crystals, essential oils and sound, with emphasis on the latter, as well as Kundalini yoga and meditation. Crystals and essentials oils I am only able to use during in-person sessions, however for online sessions I can recommend certain stones and oils and if you have some yourself, we can use them during the session.

Sound has been used since ancient times in virtually every culture on earth, to invoke states of peace and joy and for celebration and healing. Sound healing can be defined as sound used with the intention for healing. This means that any instrument can be used for healing, including our voice. Personally I use alchemical crystal singing bowls and my voice during sessions and workshops to invoke states of relaxation, healing and uplifting vibrations.

My healing services focus on connecting you with higher frequencies, with the love and power within you, as well as assisting you to clear away heavy energies that are blocking you from connecting fully with your true self and your own power. Although you can do a lot of the work yourself in order to heal and uplift your vibration, we all may need some guidance and support at times from someone who has walked the path before you and understands what it’s all about, as well as help you if you get stuck. For more information and pricing on each service, click on the images below. I would love to be your guide on your own personal healing and ascension journey!