Work with Me

My healing services focus on connecting you with higher frequencies, with the love and power that resides within you, as well as assisting you to clear away heavy energies that are blocking you from connecting fully with your true self and your own creative power. Although you can do a lot of the work yourself in order to heal and uplift your vibration, we all may need some guidance and support at times from someone who has walked the path before you and understands what it’s all about, as well as help you if you get stuck.

Being a singer, songwriter and creative person, I have struggled at various times in my life to fully express what I felt was in my soul. I have experienced blocks both in my voice and as a songwriter from time to time, and although of course regular vocal exercises and songwriting classes are important and a vital step to improve your craft, there are also other work that I have found to be just as important to unlock blocks, to unleash creativity and create the life that we desire for ourselves. Yoga, meditation, vibrational healing tools, spiritual teachings and various energetic exercises have all played a major role in connecting me back to my soul and Higher Self, where our creative potential lies and have helped me create the kind of creative life I want to live. That is my wish for you too, and so I have created these offerings of vibrational healing, coaching, soul journeys and meditations (as well as workshops from time to time), to help you get back in touch with your soul essence and creative flow, so that you too can experience a life with more joy, peace and creativity.

For more information and pricing on each service, click on the images below. I would love to be your guide on your own personal growth and healing journey!