Welcome to Sweet Annie Sounds!

I am a twin flame, starseed, musician, sound healer and transformational coach, and I create music, sound healing meditations and healing/coaching offerings to inspire and help open-minded, spiritual and creative types who feel stuck and unable to create the work and life they dream of (in other words: sing their soulsong).

The key is to clear away heavy energies and blocks that hold you back in one way or another, so that you can reconnect with your soul essence, and rediscover your creative flow and joyful living! For a little taste on how you can do this, sign up for my free mini-course on how to raise your vibration and increase your creative flow.

I designed this little course for those who feel like they have gifts and talents they want to share with the world, but keep hitting a brick wall, and feel like something is holding them back from unlocking their creativity and being able to create the work and life that is for them. Perhaps that is you?
If so….

I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!

Love & light,

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