Soul Journeys

When our journey of spiritual awakening and ascension begins, it launches a process of rediscovering who we truly are, and sets us on the path of self-discovery and healing. It awakens us to the power of love within and begins to connect us with our soul and higher self. Our intuition gets stronger and we gain access to our subconscious mind and soul memories. Our body also starts to heal as our DNA is upgraded and cellular restructuring takes place.

Although this is often an automatic and unconscious process, we can also help our transformation along and gain access to more of our abilities through potent tools such as hypnosis, or journeying. Soul journeying is a type of shamanic tool that helps you get in touch with your subconscious mind through hypnosis. All of who we are, and all our past experiences, including past lives, can be accessed through our subconscious. Who we are and how we act is based on patterns we have adopted from all our experiences. Sometimes we may have got stuck in unhealthy thought and behavioral patterns due to past trauma and negative experiences, both from this life and past lives.

On a guided soul journey you will be able to learn more about who are you, confront and heal your wounds and connect with your higher guidance, including your higher self, so that you can reclaim your true power and release what keeps you stuck once and for all. This journey may even take you into your body, to explore physical issues that you are struggling with, giving you underlying answers as to what and why you are experiencing certain issues, and how to go about shifting them.

As we all have many layers, many wounds, many experiences to be explored, it will take time to unravel it all, that won’t all happen in one session, yet when we can get to the core issue of something, many amazing shifts can take place as a result. Soul Journeys are great to access your higher mind, getting to know aspects of yourself that you didn’t know about, heal deep seated wounds and blocks, and also to get in touch with your inner guidance, a connection that you can continue to deepen on your own beyond the session itself.

A typical session takes about 2 hours, and can be done in person (in Oslo, Norway), or via phone or video conferencing. The session can then be recorded, which will be sent to you after the session is completed, so that you can continue to explore the many lessons that are undoubtedly unveiled.

If you are interested in diving deeper and heal your subconscious wounding, as well as accessing more of your soul, contact me to for more information and to schedule a session, or click on the button below to purchase. I look forward to working with you!

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