June Solstice – Let Love Flow

We’re continuing the strong energies from the eclipse season as we move towards the June solstice, another powerful day where the energies are bound to be high once again. For us here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s the summer solstice, and marks the longest day of the year (in the Southern Hemisphere it’s the opposite, winter solstice that marks the shortest day of the year). It’s the official start of summer (or winter) and it also marks the start of Cancer season. During this day the veil between the worlds is considered to be thinner and we can more easily connect with our guides and deceased loved ones, as well as connect with the healing energies of the planet we all live on.

There are a lot of harmonious frequencies around this solstice that will helps us access higher vibrations and a higher consciousness, so it’s great to take advantage of all this, and do some rituals or ceremonies (such as group meditations), to help uplift your own frequency. A beautiful trine between Neptune and Venus, adds to the harmonious alignment around this Solstice, and will help guide you to deeper spiritual truths and knowingness. Both these planets are connected to the frequencies of love, Venus being the goddess of love, and Neptune considered the planet of unconditional love. So at this time we all have a beautiful opportunity to connect to the flow of love, and welcome that flow into your life at deeper levels.

So that begs the question of how we can best do this. As always, and as with anything else, the very best thing is to follow your own guidance, but I wanted to provide some suggestions and things that have worked for me, that you can do if you feel called to. One of the most important things I’ve learned from my own ascension process, is how the power of love is the foundation for our existence, both individually and collectively. It is who we are at our core, and it’s the core frequency of the universe, as far as I’m concerned. When we awaken to this knowing and can really feel that flow of love within us, it really changes everything. It was my kundalini awakening that did that for me, but that’s not the only way to tap into the love frequency.

Our heart center is where this love primarily resides, so any work that helps you to connect to this center, the heart chakra, is good. And that can be as simple as putting your hands on your heart center, and breathing into it. You can visualize yourself breathing in love, and anchoring it at the heart center as you exhale. This can be a simple and beautiful meditation to do every day, or you can do it whenever you feel stressed out, frazzled or fearful. It is a very calming exercise, that helps to slow down your breath and uplift your frequency. It calms the mind and body, and puts you in a more relaxed and positive state of mind. A great foundation for any heart centered practice. You can expand this meditation by creating some beautiful heart centered affirmations or mantras that you tell yourself to uplift you heart and give yourself love.

Another important aspect to strengthen your heart center, and tap more into the flow of love, is to clear out any blocks to it. I don’t things there are any of us who don’t have at least some issues around love, as we have all experienced disappointments and hurtful things at some point usually both in this life and in past lives. When the process begins of becoming who we truly are, and returning to love, it kickstarts a clearing out process where we start to heal our heart and clear out what stands in the way of love. In the past, as we have experienced traumas and heartbreaks, we have built a wall around our heart to protect it against any further pain. However, in the process of doing so, we have also cut ourselves off from love, and in order to let the love flow freely once again, this wall has to come down. Any work you can do to release your past traumas, and let go of your hurt, will help to bring back the love in your heart.

Forgiveness is an important aspect of healing your heart, both forgiving yourself, and others. I have written a blog post on this particular topic before, that you can access here. It has some good exercises to try in order to help forgiving those who have wronged you, and help you forgive yourself for any wrongdoings. Both are very important for a calm heart, and is a process that takes both time and patience, but it’s a very necessary step in bringing about a deeper healing of your heart and accessing the love that is there on a deeper level. Forgiveness is not always easy, and as you work on forgiving yourself and others, it’s also important to ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged too. You may not always be able to do that in person, but you can also connect with that person on a soul level (visualize talking to them), and ask forgiveness that way. It can be a deeply cleansing and healing process to do so.

Clearing out the blocks in your heart is also about clearing out stuck emotions. Giving yourself a good cry every once in a while can be all you need to release heavy energy, and uplift your heart once again. The last thing I want to mention is the importance of following your heart in life. Following your heart means to do what brings you joy and what gives you meaning in your life. That may mean releasing the need to conform to other people’s wishes and expectations for you and go after your own dreams. It means following your own inner guidance and intuition as much as possible and let go of any preconceived ideas or societal expectations. We have all been more or less raised to be rational in our choices here in earth, and that mind is more important than the heart, but to live in the flow of love, the heart always comes first, and the mind is just there to support it.

So I hope you take some of these things to heart (pun intended), and that you find ways to tune into you heart this solstice, connecting with the flow of love more deeply than ever before. As our earth is shifting, and more light and love is flowing in, the more we can tune into our heart and ride those waves of love, the more we will be in love. In love with ourselves, with life and our fellow human beings. And this beautiful earth that we all call home.

With that I wish you a happy Solstice, and send you so much light and love!

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