Vibrational Alignment

A vibrational alignment session is an amazing way to clear negative energies and uplift and heal your mind, body and soul. It is great for stress relief and exhaustion, as well as gaining deeper insight into your emotional blocks and energetic imbalances.

In a typical session I make use of a combination of sound healing, Reiki, intuitive coaching (and crystals and aromatherapy for in person sessions). These are all very powerful tools to pinpoint and clear energetic blocks, and uplift your energy into a state of love, peace and joy! In addition, I will also give you tips and tools on how you can work on maintaining a high vibration on a regular basis, for example give you a mantra and meditation to work with, a yogic exercise or kriya, or recommend specific crystals or essential oils for regular use.

If you are interested in a session, contact me to schedule a free consultation, or click on your preferred option below to purchase. I look forwarding to working with you!

1 Vibrational Alignment


Package of 4 Alignments