My story

Hi there, I am Hilde, the founder and creator behind Sweet Annie Sounds.

I find regular 3rd person bios to be kind of boring, so let me just tell you my story instead. Born and raised in a rural town in Norway, I had a relatively quiet and protected upbringing in many ways. Perhaps a bit too quiet for me at times, as I always felt an urge to go out and explore the world and travel (I suppose that may have been the Sagittarius in me). Nevertheless, I was still an active child and teenager, being involved with many local groups, sports and so on.

Always having had a love for music, I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My first memories are of me singing to my mother as she was washing clothes in the basement. During my first year of grade school, I performed a hymn for my home room teacher, which moved her to tears, and from then on I was a regular singing at local events and school performances. I joined various choirs later on, and also took keyboard lessons for many years.

At the age of 20, I had the opportunity to spend a year abroad as part of my college education, and I chose to travel to Sydney, Australia. Finally, my itch to travel and experience living in a different country came to fruition. I was supposed to only stay there for a year, but ended up living there for 6 years. Having drifted a little bit away from the music in my late teens, while in Australia I started rekindling my passion for singing. Taking some evening classes at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, I also began to take singing lessons and started toying with the idea of pursuing music professionally. 

While in Sydney, Australia, life dealt me a heavy blow when my mother suddenly passed away. She had battled mental illness for as long as I could remember, and unfortunately chose to take her own life in the end. Despite her illness, her death still came as a shock to me, and became a major turning point in my life. Being confronted with death in such a way made me do some serious soul searching. I didn’t want to just grow old without having fully lived, and at least try to follow my heart and my dreams. This is when I decided to move to Los Angeles, CA, to study music.

I studied voice and recording engineering at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, and shortly after graduating, began performing around Los Angeles with my own band. A couple of years later, I recorded my first EP, with some great producers and musicians in Los Angeles. I started promoting the album, and got some favorable reviews and radio play. However, after having done that for some months, I suddenly hit a wall, so to speak, and it all came to a halt. For reasons that I didn’t understand at the time, a major block appeared when it came to music, and although I never felt that I could entirely give up on the music, I realized I had to stop pursuing it for a while.

After the death of my mother, I had some experiences that gently kickstarted a spiritual awakening of sorts within me. While healing my grief, I was introduced to some alternative healing modalities, such as essential oils, crystals, yoga and meditation. I found these to be very helpful in my healing, and as my creativity as a singer and musician dried up, I felt called to explore these areas more. Having discovered that I had some gifts as an energy healer, I began taking courses, and became a certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, a Reiki Master, and certified vibrational healer. Being a musician, sound healing was naturally also a fascinating area to explore for me, and I started toning, playing the gong, crystal singing bowls and other sound healing tools.

I had taught yoga and worked as a healer and coach for a few years, alongside my job as a student counselor at Musicians Institute, when life again had other plans for me. In early 2017, I had another major spiritual awakening, this time accompanied by the awakening of my kundalini and the twin flame concept. This brought on an intense process of healing and transformation, and I was guided to move back to my home country of Norway again, after having been away for more than 20 years. I had never really planned to move back, but here I was, finding myself planning my return to the country of my roots. It was all a little daunting, but life has taught me that when your soul calls you, you heed the call.

I moved back in August, 2017, and have lived in Oslo, Norway since then. After coming back to Norway, my healing journey and powerful energetic shifts finally unlocked my musical creativity again. I started writing songs and for the first time tried my hands at some basic music production, which has only grown in momentum the deeper I have gone into my own healing journey. The realization that old traumas and outdated beliefs is what stood in the way of reconnecting with my soul essence, and my own creative flow, as well as creating the life I have always wanted to live, I have come up with techniques and offerings that can help unlock your creative potential and joyful living, as well. To get a little taste of my teachings, sign up to receive my free Vibrational Healing kit to help raise your vibration and connect with your creative flow here.

Official bio

Sweet Annie Sounds is the music and sound healing concept of Norwegian musician, sound healer and transformational coach, Hilde Meffert. She creates music, sound healing meditations and healing/coaching offerings to inspire and help open-minded, spiritual and creative types who feel stuck and unable to create the work and life they dream of, that is to sing their soulsong.

Hilde has always had a love for music, and grew up singing and playing the keyboard, adding songwriting to that mix in her early adulthood. Yet, her road to effortless creativity was not so straightforward, because as she later came to understand she had many traumas and blocks that prevented her from creating the music and life that her soul longed for.

Her mother’s suicide was a wake up call and represented the beginnings of a journey of spiritual awakening and healing, that only intensified with the experience of a kundalini and twin flame awakening a few years later. This journey taught her that the key to unlocking our deepest potential, including creativity and even a better singing voice, is to clear out the traumas and outdated beliefs from childhood and past lives, so that we can rediscover our true essence and unlimited creative potential.

Besides creating uplifting and soul activating music, she has developed healing and coaching offerings to help others who are stuck on their creative journey, like she was, to unlock their potential and sing their soul’s song.

If you want to learn more and try some of these techniques for yourself, sign up for her free Vibrational Healing kit, to help reignite your own creativity and reconnect to your soul’s essence.