Soulsong Coaching

Do you feel like you have untapped potential?

You know you are meant for more in this world, but seem to keep going in circles when it comes to achieving your goals and living your dream life.

You are a creative person with a lot to offer, but often feel blocked when it comes to your creative endeavors and expressing yourself fully.

In this 10-week coaching program, you will go on a journey through the chakras, our psychospiritual centers, to look at and activate different aspects of yourself that may lay dormant, as well as look deeper at any blocks you may have that keeps you from accessing your higher potential, and living more in the flow of love, and in alignment with your soul.

Together we will explore and deepen your relationship to yourself, help heal past traumas and pain that may be holding you back, and learn about how you can work with your energy centers (the chakras) to uplift your overall vibration, and begin to express who you truly are in the world. Explore your inner goddess, as well as your inner warrior, learn to ground your energy, expand your heart, connect to your inner guidance and creativity, learn how your relationships can be a powerful initiator to your healing, and how healing your wounds can help you manifest more prosperity on all levels. Once you really get to know yourself better on all levels, and deepen your connection to your soul, you will being to find your purpose and the desire to express yourself more freely, in other words, you will begin to sing your soul’s song! That is what you are here for…

Here is an outline from week to week of what we will be exploring:

Week 1: Intention SettingWeek 2: The Heart + the Power of LoveWeek 3: Grounding + Stress Relief (Self-Love)Week 4: Feminine Power + SexualityWeek 5: Masculine Power + Self DisciplineWeek 6: Creativity + Self ExpressionWeek 7: Intuition + Inner GuidanceWeek 8: RelationshipsWeek 9: Prosperity + ManifestationWeek 10: Integration + Your Spiritual Practice

  • Week 1: Intention Setting
  • Week 2: The Heart + the Power of Love
  • Week 3: Grounding + Stress Relief (Self-Love)
  • Week 4: Feminine Power + Sexuality
  • Week 5: Masculine Power + Self Discipline
  • Week 6: Creativity + Self Expression
  • Week 7: Intuition + Inner Guidance
  • Week 8: Relationships
  • Week 9: Prosperity + Manifestation
  • Week 10: Integration + Your Spiritual Practice

All these areas work hand in hand to get you to the core truth of your being, and by the end of the program you will have many tools that you can continue to use on your own, to keep the healing journey going.

In my coaching, I draw on many different modalities, but especially sound healing, Kundalini Yoga and meditation, vibrational healing and Ayurveda, and we will do various exercises to explore what you do well, as well as what needs some work, to reach your goals.

If you’re curious and want to learn more, contact me for a free consultation, and see how we may work together to help you get to the next level in life and on your spiritual journey!

Cost per session is $77, but you can save some money by choosing the various payments options below:

10-session Soulsong Coaching Program

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