Surrender & Be Comfortable Not Knowing

I’m on my way to work as I write this new post, watching the scenery pass by my window. It’s quite green now and the trees are starting to bloom. I love Norway in spring time. I quite missed the seasons when I lived overseas, and I like the more distinct weather changes that we experience here, from the snow and cold to the (relative) warmth of summer. Now that I have put almost 4 years behind me here in Norway, I’ve had a little time to reflect on all that has happened since I came back. There has definitely been a lot of both inner and outer transformation for me as I have traversed the road of ascension, as well as getting used to a new life here in my native country. One of the most important things I’ve realized is that the process of ascension is a lot about surrendering and trusting that the Universe has your back. It’s a process of aligning you with the universal flow of love and literally forces you to deal with and release any blocks that stand in the way of that. I have constantly been challenged to rethink how I look at things, and how I think things should be, whether it is in dealing with my relationships with other people, in my work or other areas of my life.

Ever since I got back to Norway, I’ve been pondering my work in the world and how I can contribute to the ascension of humanity, as I was shown early on in my process by my guides that I am here to help with that. Although I think there is no set way I’m meant to help, and there is no obligation to either, by Spirit or anyone else. Sometimes we tend to put pressure on ourselves in thinking that a mission has to look a certain way. I have come to find, however, that just being in an ascension process and working on myself, raising my own frequency, is a lot more important than I initially thought. However, now that I have been in my own process for a while, and having cleared out a lot of past traumas and heavy energies, I, of course, would love to share my experiences and help others who are just beginning their journey. I have to admit that I have at times been very confused and gone back and forth about how I want to help and how I’m meant to help people ascend. One thing I’ve come to realize in that regard is the importance of surrendering, and allowing Spirit to guide me and show me the way. I trust that Spirit (or my higher self) knows a lot better that my ego, what is best for me and everyone else, and the more I’ve been able to let go of the need to control my future, the more Spirit has been able to show me the way. Fear of the unknown is something I’ve been confronted with a lot on this journey, when I have made decisions not having any idea how things would turn out, and I think that’s a pretty common feeling among us human beings. But the ascension process has invited me take a different approach, and actually be excited about the idea of not knowing. Instead of expecting the worst, I’ve learned to be more open to good things happening, and the more I’m able to do that, the more it actually happens, too. That’s how miracles can come your way!

Although I’ve been wanting to get going with my mission for a while, I can see now that I haven’t really been ready. For a while, my own ascension process took on such a crazy ride, where I’ve been confronted with old wounds, as well as new ways of thinking, that I changed my mind every few days it seemed (I’m exaggerating a little), as to what I wanted to do. Now that things are settling down a little bit more, though, I feel that things are more clear. Also, during the time it has taken me to get to this point in my process, I have also been able to explore certain talents and passions of mine. I am realizing that stepping into my mission is a co-creative process of a combination of cultivating my own talents and passions and using that to help people, as well as at the same time, Spirit guiding me on the way. Having said that, music and sound healing is what I’ve been both guided to pursue and I also love doing. And of course, coaching people through the ascension process, where I get to use these skills, but also many others that I have acquired along the way, as well as training that I have received in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, vibrational healing, Reiki and Ayurveda, among other things. So although I’ve been open to the fact that I may be led in a completely unexpected direction as far as my mission is concerned, it makes sense that I will use all the things that I have already learnt. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. 🙂

Everything is perfect, and there is a purpose for everything under the sun, although we may not fully understand what that purpose is. I Believe er are all here for a reason, and part if that reason right now is to ascend and embrace more of who you are. That includes stepping into your own dreams and contribute to the world in your own unique way. There is a need for factory workers, and athletes, and writers, and all kinds of people and professions we can think of. Some people may have the idea that if we all followed our hearts and our dreams, that there would be nobody left to do the grunt work. But I don’t think that would be the case. There are as many different dreams as there are people in the world, and no two people are the same. I think that once we are all free to follow what is in our hearts, the world will be a much happier and balanced place to live. So if you are worried that there is no room for your dream in the world, I’d say don’t. The universe will always make room and open doors for those that follow their hearts. It has always been that way to some degree, and it will be even more true in the future.

I hope you take that to heart, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. Follow your heart always, surrender to Spirit and trust that you will be guided to your own personal mission. I know that you have beautiful things to share with the world!

With that, I send you so much love & light,

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