Healing Your Inner Child

I’m sitting by the window of my apartment as I write my new blog post today. The sky is blue with some clouds scattered about, and the birds are singing. Even though it’s May, it’s still a little cold outside, otherwise I would have gone outside to write. But I’m enjoying the light coming in through the window, and watching the Spring time scene outside as I ponder what to write today.

The city of Oslo is slowly starting to open up again from lockdown, and the stores and shopping centers are again open since yesterday. Yet, I expect that there will be some more back and forth and confusion in the months to come, as things keep shifting energetically, and in turn, in our physical reality. I try not to get too caught up in it all actually, and have been more focused inwardly, as I keep healing and lifting my own frequency. Of course, there are still things one can and should do in the outer reality in order to improve things, but I feel the most important thing to do right now, is to raise our own vibration.

There are many ways to approach the topic of raising ones vibration, and I’ve discussed many of them in prior blog posts, however, one approach I haven’t talked much about until now, is how to heal your inner child. The raising of our frequency can essentially be done in two ways, one way is to focus on self-care and self-love, the other is to clear out our subconscious wounds. Both are important on the ascension journey, and in inner child healing you get the chance to do both, but from the perspective of your inner child. Connecting with your inner child is a way to get in touch with wounded parts of yourself, in order to heal those parts and bring yourself back to a state of balance and wholeness. This can be done through guided meditation, it can be guided by a healer or therapist, or you can just close your eyes and bring your attention inwards, and see if you are able to find and connect with your own inner child through visualization. This last way is the easiest way if you’re able to do it and you have some experience in working on yourself, but it you don’t feel you’re able or you feel uncomfortable doing this work on your own, then it’s best to seek help from a professional.

When doing inner child work you may connect with yourself at any age, especially if there are certain things that happened that caused you pain in your childhood, then you can go back to that time, and seek out yourself at that age. However, your inner child can also appear as a child from another lifetime, or just as an imaginary child that may or may not look like you. That’s okay, and just allow whatever comes. Your inner child may appear upset, angry or sad, and this is quite common, however, it may also be happy and loving, and remind yourself of positive aspects of yourself. Just talk to your inner child and ask what they want to tell you. They may be reluctant at first, but keep approaching and be patient, and they will usually start to open up to you. As you ask your inner child what has happened, just give it unconditional love and give it space to begin to share with you. Although the inner child most often appears as a wounded part of you, it can also appear as a healer and help integrate certain aspects of yourself, as the story below will show.

A common wound that will surface on the ascension journey is the feeling of not being good enough, and not feeling loved. This wound is often connected with experiences from our childhood or from past lives, and practice some inner child healing may be a powerful way to help heal it. I recently had a dream that triggered this feeling of being undeserving of love. It was actually a dream where someone I care about told me that I was in his heart, but although I was happy to hear it, it made me upset when I woke up, and it was like a part of me couldn’t accept that he felt that way about me. It felt like I was unable to receive the love I wanted for some reason. When I decided to explore where this feeling came from, I was taken back to a past life in Egypt where I had been a powerful healer and priestess, but then turned into a slave where I was robbed of my power and sexually abused. I saw myself as beaten and lost, like a part of me had gone missing forever. When I asked my past self what was lost, I was told that it was my innocence.

The inner child is often associated with innocence, and just then my inner child appeared and gave my past self a big hug. As I kept talking to my past self, she could see how her innocence was never really lost, and seeing herself in that way, it was like we could all integrate the experience, so that I could begin to feel my innocence returning and that I was worthy of love. In this instance, the inner child came as the healer, and brought my past self back from self dissolution. It helped me integrate and heal this wounded aspect of myself from the past, so that I could again see myself as worthy of love and be more open to receive it.

We all have many blocks to love, and often see ourselves as unworthy of it. This is never true, of course, but are often distorted beliefs that have come about from past experiences, be it from this life or another. It’s important that we dig deep and get to the source of where these distorted beliefs come from, so that we can heal and let go of the pain that is weighing us down. Inner child healing on its own or coupled with past life regression can be a powerful way to do so, and I encourage you to give it a try. I expect that you will find it a powerful and transformative healing practice.

I wish you all the best with meeting and working with your inner child! Until next time, I send you lots of love & light!

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