The Power of Dreams

Another week has gone by, and the energies are gathering momentum once again, as we approach what promises to be a potent eclipse season. It kicks off with a super blood moon in Sagittarius on May 26th, and since I have both my sun sign and ascendant in Sagittarius, I expect to be feeling it quite strongly. But it will affect us all to a lesser or greater extent, of course. These types of astrological events can be seen as portals that can help us raise our vibration up to a new level and assist us in taking major steps and shifts on our ascension journey. As this is a full moon, it will be working on clearing out what no longer serves us. Sagittarius rules over the higher mind, wisdom and abundance, so the emphasis is on expanding our perspective, and being able to see things from a higher viewpoint.

This full moon may also reveal things that have been hidden from us and inspire transformation. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and is at the time of the eclipse making its way through Pisces. With Jupiter being quite active during this eclipse, it highlights the aspects of spirituality, intuition and creativity. So it may be a good time to focus on these aspects of yourself and clear out whatever may be standing in your way as it relates to this. That was a little energy update to kick off today’s post. The energies will keep on building up to the solar eclipse in June, as well as the summer solstice, so let’s be gentle with ourselves, and work on accessing our power, so that we can ride these ascension waves more smoothly as things heat up.

Now let’s get on to the topic of the day, which is on how our dreams can help us on our ascension journey. Dreams are somewhat of a mystery to humanity in general. Even science doesn’t seem to have it figured out, as there are many theories floating around about what function our dreams serve, yet the scholars haven’t arrived at any consensus so far. Some scientists suggest that dreams help us to consolidate memories, process emotions, express our deepest desires and gain practice confronting potential dangers. Although I think there is some truth to all of that, I believe our dreams are first and foremost a window to our soul, and express what’s hidden in our subconscious mind. Many scientists feel that our dreams have no real purpose, but I disagree with that. In my experience, they can help us to get in touch with our subconscious self, and help us gain a deeper wisdom and healing on our own spiritual journey. They can also serve to create meetings and portals of activations on the astral plane, where are souls often journey when we sleep.

I first discovered the power of dreams to create a meeting between souls, after my mother passed away back in 2001. It must have been a couple of months after she passed, where I had a dream of meeting her and could see that she doing well. Since she had taken her own life, and the stories that flourish in religious and spiritual circles tend to suggest this can be damning for the soul, I had been concerned about that, wanted to know if she was okay. When she came to me in the dream, she was dressed in white and radiated love, giving me the sense that she was more than okay, and that all would be well. I got the sense that we communicated telepathically, where she conveyed beautiful messages of love and joy. Although I don’t remember our conversation now, when I woke up, I felt that my heart was activated, and I could still feel her energy. It was very powerful, and I felt that it was more than a dream. I think it really happened and that we met on the astral planes.

Around the time when I had my Kundalini awakening back in 2017, I also had a powerful dream, that I felt was real. Again I was in the astral plane, and I was introduced to a spiritual guru whose name was David. I got the sense that he was helping me to remember who I was, and my abilities. One of them was that I could astral travel, and he was encouraging me to do it. I was also introduced to my team that I felt was helping me, guiding me and protecting me from the astral. The team consisted of five males, and I have a sense that they were extra terrestrials, all humanoid, from different planets. It was all a bit strange, but exciting, and when I woke up, I definitely felt that the dream was significant, and that this meeting really happened, and wasn’t just a dream. I think it activated something within me, and as I had my Kundalini awakening a couple of days later, I think it was linked to that, too.

My own ascension journey has been greatly driven by my twin flame connection, and I have had many dreams that have helped me make sense of that journey, as well as helped trigger wounds that needed healing, and calmed me with the knowing that everything is as it should be. It’s also been interesting to see how my dreams about my twin has changed over time. In the beginning it was a lot of dreams where I was chasing him, but he always slipped away. Then the dreams began to get better and we connected more. My most recent dreams of him have been more that the roles have been reversed, and he is beginning to come to me more, wanting to connect and sharing some of his feelings, so I take that as a good sign. The most amazing dream I had of my twin, though, was about a year ago, when I dreamt that I met him and we just held it each other through the night. It was very loving, and when I woke up, I felt my heart center almost blow open, and that my heart was an interdimensional portal. It was quite mindblowing!

I have also experienced psychic attacks in my dreams, which are not so much fun, but I’ve been able to fend them off, so at least I have learnt more about my own power through that. As far as interpreting dreams, I personally like to go with the overall feeling of a dream first, and then try to go deeper into what happened in the dream and how it may relate to issues that I’m dealing with in my life at that moment. If I dig deep enough, I can usually find some interesting parallels, and learn more about my own wounds and my psyche. It helps me understand my own issues on a deeper level, and things I need to release, so it’s quite an amazing little tool to use for your own healing and upleveling.

If you’re interested in starting to look further into your dreams and see how they can help you on your journey, I highly encourage you to! Dream work is powerful, and can open up a deeper understanding of yourself and expanding your own spiritual experiences. If you’re a beginner, there are some great books to read on the subject, and you can of course work with a professional to help you dig deeper too. Whatever you decide, I wish you a all the best with it, and hope you’re able to use it as your own powerful ascension tool.

That’s it from me today. As always, sending you much love & light!

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