Dealing with Resistance when Stepping into your Power

It’s a sunny Spring day here in Oslo, Norway. In the last week, all of a sudden it’s like Mother Earth has come back to life, and the first flowers are peaking out of the ground. This is my favorite time of year, and I love being out in nature and watching her wake up from the slumber of winter. Yet at the same time I feel a kind of sadness, like there is a kind of shadow that is interrupting the joy. I suppose it’s because of everything that is going in the world, that I’m unable to feel completely joyful right now, like a darkness is closing in. At the same time, I’m feeling a lot of love and light, that is anchoring in more and more. A little bit strange and contradictory perhaps, but I suppose that is the natural result of the transition that our earth is going through, the darkness is trying to keep its grip on us, and doesn’t want to let us go, yet it’s time. The light is pushing it up and into the light more and more, so that it can’t hide anymore and be transmuted into light also.

This process of bringing the darkness into the light is both an individual and collective process, which we call the process of ascending. It’s a deeply transformational process, and neither the world nor each of us individually will be the same once we’ve gone through it. Although I believe that ascension never really stops, as it’s about growing and learning and unfolding into our potential more and more, the intensity that we’re experiencing at the beginning will abate once the heaviness of our shadow (meaning our traumas and pain) has been transmuted. It’s these past traumas and painful experiences that often hold us back from stepping into our power and magnificence. Because deep down we as humans are truly magnificent, yet we’ve been made to believe that we’re not.

Our earth has been stuck in a low vibration of fear and division for thousands of years. Although that doesn’t mean that everything has been bad, but our potential is so much greater! Our rebirth into a new reality has just begun, and although the shift will take time, more and more people are awakening to the truth of who they truly are. When our consciousness shifts in such a dramatic way as it has begun to do, the fallout will also be quite dramatic. We’ve begun to see signs of this in the world, but there will be a lot more to come. Although we can’t control everything that happens in the world around us, we can, at least to some degree, influence ourselves and our own lives. As the energies of light and love begin to poor into our bodies, opening our hearts and minds like never before, we begin to see things in a new light. These energies change us, transform us, and yet with change often comes resistance.

Much of what we used to accept or think of as just “how the things are”, now is becoming unacceptable to us. Perhaps the job that we used to think was ok, no longer feels so exciting anymore, many relationships fall apart because people end up growing in different directions. As we explore and get to know new sides of ourselves, we may find that we want to try new things, and explore new areas of our lives. Some of us may also feel pulled to help with the transition that our world is in, perhaps even feel we have a mission to do so. Yet, when we begin to embrace a new way of living or the desire to pursue new found talents or a mission, resistance often shows up in various forms. It may come as a feeling of not being good enough, being “suddenly distracted” by a million other things, or just that a part of you doesn’t want to, even though deep down you really do.

I personally have felt for a long time that I have a mission of helping in this ascension process on earth, yet when it comes time to take the steps necessary, I’ve been met with all the above scenarios, and more. The impostor syndrome is one that has been quite prominent, thinking that I will somehow be revealed as having no good knowledge or nothing to contribute. For a while I felt I had to do endless courses and education, because of this. There’s of course nothing wrong with learning and studying, but when it becomes an excuse to not do what you really want to do, then it’s no good. Another resistance may be in putting yourself out there, and marketing and selling your services, especially since there is this underlying idea that spirituality and money don’t go hand in hand. This is not true of course, and has more to do with the value that you place on yourself.

We all have many underlying core beliefs that don’t serve us, but we are nevertheless confronted with once we begin a process of transformation. In fact, we’re basically forced to look at them, since we won’t be able to step into our power and fulfill our potential until we do. This is not easy, but an important part of an ascension journey. We all have unhelpful core beliefs buried in our subconscious, that stem from past experiences (often traumatic) both in this life and past lives. In order to grow and be more than we ever were, we need to uncover them and heal them. Once we do, a new level of experience opens up to us, and more and more of our power comes back to us. I have done lots of meditation, deep diving and healing work in my own journey in order to get to the bottom of what is holding me back. Doing what I can to keep a high vibration every day with my personal practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as well as journaling, and working with healers when necessary, have been invaluable tools.

This process have a way of bringing up your deepest issues, even those (or perhaps especially those) that you don’t want to look at. For a while I was afraid of my own power. This fear I traced back to a past life in Egypt, where I was a priestess of Isis. I had great psychic and healing powers, but our temple was attacked and I was turned into a sex slave. This destroyed me and robbed me of all my powers, and even though I was ultimately rescued, I wasn’t able to get them back. In fact, they have been blocked from me ever since, until this life. Seeing and clearing the fear from that past life has been a very important step for me in welcoming that power back in. The more such deep work you do, the more you will clear and heal, and bring back your own power, so I encourage you to do so. Although it’s not for the faint hearted, it’s so worth it, and in fact, inevitable for those on an ascension journey.

I wish you all the best on your own journey of uncovering your blocks and resistance, and you’re welcome to contact me if you feel you need help and are called to work with me.

Until next time, sending you love & light,

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