Protecting Your Energy as a Sensitive and Empath

April is here, and Easter as well. Normally these two things would fill me with joy, but with the looming ghost of Corona and lockdown in our midst, it doesn’t quite carry the same joyful energy as usual. Still, I’ll try to make the most of it, although this year I will actually be working during Easter weekend, so there’s that. But Spring is here, the snow is melting and new life is starting to appear. So I’ll focus on the positive, and trust that good things are in the making…

I’ve always felt that Easter carries an energy of light and hope. I suppose it is tied in with the Resurrection and all that, but I also think it has to do with the change of season, longer days and the arrival of Spring (here in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway). This year I also felt so much light flooding in with the Equinox, it felt as though a new portal had opened up, and a new phase in the great shift that is taking place on earth. All these strong energies have affected me in pushing my Kundalini energy back up, my heart center is more open, and I’m just feeling a lot of love and positive energy in my body. At the same time, though, they have triggered some wounding and forcing me to make shifts in my life. They have brought on a sense of vulnerability and emotionality that is more potent than before, and I feel that I need to set stronger boundaries for myself.

As an empath and highly sensitive person, something I have found almost all spiritually awake and aware individuals are, and others too, for that matter, I have found it more important than ever to protect my energy right now. For me that means limiting all things that bring my energy down, as best I can, and do more of what lifts me up. It also means to not push myself to do things where my heart isn’t in it. In fact, the further along in my ascension journey I’ve come, the more I find that I cannot do things that are not in alignment with my heart and soul. I think this is a natural byproduct of raising your energy frequency. When you begin vibrating at a higher level and the frequency of love becomes more prominent within you, the more you are drawn to that level of frequency, so you will naturally repel what is not in alignment with that.

Sometimes this can present challenges though, if you’re in a situation that feels draining to you, perhaps a living situation or a job, but there may not be an immediate solution to it. Ultimately, you will probably not feel totally in alignment until you’re out of that situation, but until you’re there, there’s still a need to try to keep your vibration as high as possible, and find a way to be okay with what is, before bringing in something new. Setting strong boundaries I’ve found is important in this regard, and perhaps having conversations with relevant individuals where you clearly articulate your needs and limits will be necessary. This is something that I have always struggled with, I have to admit. I think this is something that goes back to my childhood, at least, perhaps even further back, where I’ve gotten into the habit of putting other’s needs before my own, as if it’s not so important that I suffer, as long as nobody else does. Although this martyr mentality can be noble in certain situations, it’s not a healthy habit to get stuck in. It has to do with loving and appreciating yourself as much as you do others, and then you cannot let others treat you like a doormat.

This particular issue is something that has come up several times, in different areas of my life, during my own ascension process, so it’s obvious that it‘s a bit of an issue for me, and one I have to work more on shifting. Obviously it sits pretty deep, though, so that’s why I encounter it again and again. Yet, I will give myself some credit that there have been some improvements, but still, change takes time, and especially deep and important consciousness shifts like the one we’re all in right now take time to really take root. So patience is key, which can also be a challenge, because we want to be at our destination yesterday, preferably, but that’s not the way of the universe we live in. Something that is also a great lesson of our times.

But back to my topic of protecting your energy. Aside from setting strong boundaries, and speaking up when they’re being violated, there are also other things that can be helpful. As we sensitives and empaths tend to draw in energy from those around us, it’s important to clear our energy as much as possible. This can be done through guided meditations, or taking a bath or shower with the intention of clearing out negative energy or energies that do not belong to us. Crystals can be helpful in this, such as smoky quartz, or amethyst, yoga is good, and using the breath and light/color visualizations are also good. Experiment with what works for you. After clearing your energy it’s a good idea to set up an energetic shield for protection. Again visual meditations and crystals can be of great help. Some crystals that are good for this are any grounding crystals, such as obsidian, black tourmaline or hematite. Shungite is a particularly great stone as it both powerfully clears and protects, so that one is highly recommended. You can put these crystals around your house too, in order to set up a sanctuary where your energy is protected.

Sacred geometric figures can also be helpful to work with when you want to create a protective shield for yourself. I particularly like to work with the Merkabah symbol, which are two intersecting 3-sided pyramids (or tetrahedrons). It is an actual energy field around our body, that is becoming more and more activated through our ascension process, and it is great to visualize it around you for protection and shielding, keeping any unwanted energy out (see the photo above for an example of what this looks like). You can do this every morning before going about your day, or whenever you will be going outside and intermingling with other people, especially where you think the energy may be dubious. You can also visualize it around your apartment or house where you live, or your room if you live with others. The black flame is also a good tool to work with, which you can use intermittently whenever you want to cloak your own light and avoid merging with other people’s energy that may not be sound and whole.

So if you’re like me, and in need of a bit of shielding and protection to keep your vibration high, I invite you to try some of these tools for yourself, as they can be most helpful. With that, I wish you a happy Easter, and as always, send you lots of love & light!

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