The Return of the Divine Feminine

It took a little while to get going with today’s blog post. I didn’t quite know what I wanted to write about, and so I went outside to enjoy the nice weather and to see if I could get some inspiration. I ended up in the park, and walked around for a bit before I decided to look through some old blog posts from a previous website I had. Finally I landed on the above topic, as I feel that it’s perhaps the one area that has affected me the most on my ascension journey, on various levels, and so I figured I would delve into some aspects of it on my blog today. It’s a vast topic so can’t cover it all in one go. 🙂

There has been a lot of talk in spiritual circles for many years about the return of the divine feminine, so I was quite familiar with the idea when I began my own accelerated ascension journey a few years ago. However, it’s one thing to be told about something, another to realize and awaken to something on a deeper level. As I began delving deep into the transformational process spurred on by my kundalini awakening back in 2017, I began little by little to see how entrenched we have been in various patterns in our society. One of those patterns is the relationship between the masculine and the feminine. Since my own journey has also been deeply affected by the twin flame connection, which is the ultimate masculine and feminine bond, I have been confronted with many issues regarding the imbalance of the masculine and feminine, both on a personal and societal level.

As most of us are aware, the feminine has had an inferior role on our planet for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Although things began to change with the feminist movement in the 1800s, and are looking a lot better today than ever before, there are still many issues that hold us back from reaching true equality. We still don’t have equal pay between men and women in many industries, but perhaps even more importantly, many jobs that are traditionally seen as more feminine, don’t get recognized as deserving of the same level of pay that traditionally more masculine jobs get. In general, the feminine values and ideals have on many levels lacked the recognition and importance that the masculine enjoy. There is also the emphasis on women as objects of sexual gratification, which we can see especially in the music industry, but also in film and television, and the modeling industry.

All these issues affect us all on a personal level too. The imbalance between the masculine and the feminine is more deeply ingrained than we perhaps realize at times. Through my own journey I have come to understand that what we need to do as women, is take back our power. And we don’t do that by blaming and shaming men because of how they may have contributed to our own feelings of inferiority, as I believe that many men are as much a victim of the status quo as women are. These issues are so deeply ingrained in our society, that we all have patterns of behavior that contribute to them without us necessarily being aware of that all the time. So the journey for me has very much been about recognizing my own patterns where I sell myself short, and don’t take care of my own needs. That has resulted in developing clearer boundaries, and putting myself first. Not at the cost of other people, of course, as we should never try to get the upper hand. Balance is the name of the game. Forgiveness becomes important here, both for yourself and for others, and clear communication, so that we can establish better patterns and find more balance going forward.

As the planet keeps rising in frequency, more and more people are awakening to all that is not working on our planet, and will want to change that for something better. Initially this could make it look as though things aren’t really getting better at all, but rather worse, but this is just because we need to bring what’s not working into the light, so that it can be seen. When we can fully look at it, then we can decide what we want to do with. Although this is a very difficult process at times, because it means dragging up and dealing with some ugliness both on a personal and collective level, it is what is necessary to bring about the change that is our destiny. This means that we all need to look at how we’re contributing to keeping ourselves and our planet stuck in dysfunctional patterns, and to release them. In order to release, we also need to forgive and look at the deeper lessons that our experiences are trying to teach us. This is definitely not always easy, and may take time, but that’s ok. Creating a new and better world, a more love-based world is the goal, and although getting there will take time and have us cross much sorrow and grief on the way, once the cleaning process has been completed, we can all share in the love and joy of having gotten there together.

For now though, I feel the best way we can contribute to the new reality, is to begin to look at our own patterns, and begin to embrace the feminine power that we all have within. Start to see how you may be neglecting your own feminine power, and how you may be putting it down in others. Once we begin to honor the divine feminine both within ourselves and within our society, that is when we begin to raise our frequency and find true balance and equality both within and without. So I invite you, if you haven’t already, to start looking at where you can honor yourself more in your life, where you can love yourself more and how you can hone your feminine qualities more. And we all have those, both men and women. The feminine is the nurturer, your creative aspect, and also your sensuality and your emotions. Begin to listen to them and do something every day to strengthen those aspects of yourself. The more you do that, the more you will experience the peace, joy and balance that is your birthright.

With that I sign off for today, and as always send you so much love & light!

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