Healing Services

As a certified vibrational healer, Kundalini yoga & meditation teacher, Reiki Master and spiritual coach, I offer the services listed below, as I have found them the most potent in helping you raise your vibration and reach your highest potential.

In the unprecedented times that we’re in, and with the ascension of our planet and humanity at large, it is more important than ever to raise our vibration and keep it high. In fact, that is what ascension is all about, raising the frequency both on an individual and collective level. However, in order for the entire planet to ascend to a higher vibration of love and peace, we must each individually take responsibility for our own vibration, and do what we can to raise it.

Raising and keeping a higher vibration is a two-fold process. One part of it is to focus on and welcome in positive emotions, and high light frequencies that are bombarded unto planet earth at the moment. These light frequencies are part of what is uplifting the entire planet and the people on it, enhancing our DNA and upgrading our capabilities on all levels. They are healing us and uplifting us, and especially awakening our hearts and our inner power. It is important to support these frequencies and upgrades by working on ourselves and with the process that they kickstart in us.

On the other hand, as these frequencies start their work on our body, mind and spirit, and lift us up into a higher vibration of love and enlightenment, any lower vibrations that are not in alignment with these higher frequencies, will be brought up to the surface to be healed. It’s important to work on releasing these lower vibrations that stem from past trauma and painful events that we have encountered in the past (both in this life and past lives, as well as collective and ancestral trauma that we carry in our DNA).

My healing services focus on connecting you with higher frequencies, with the love and power within you, as well as assisting you to clear away heavy energies that are blocking you from connecting fully with your true self and your own power. Although you can do a lot of the work yourself in order to heal and uplift your vibration, we all may need some guidance and support at times from someone who has walked the path before you and understands what it’s all about, as well as help you if you get stuck. For more information and pricing on each service, click on the images below. I would love to be your guide on your own personal healing and ascension journey!