Eclipse Season, Dreams & Dragons

Another Friday is upon us, and I’m back at my favorite coffee shop by the harbor as I write this new post. We’re in the middle of Eclipse season, and boy, are the energies intense! Well, I suppose in some ways I never quite came down from the Easter energies, but just keep riding the waves, which don’t seem to let up. It’s a good thing that I’m getting better at riding them, and don’t feel so overwhelmed anymore. I don’t feel too much of the heaviness I used to feel, like I was moving through sludge (and I suppose in many ways I was, emotional sludge, anyway), but now I mainly get very tired, and a little emotional from time to time, but that’s about it.

Actually, the Solar Eclipse in Aries that we had last week, didn’t seem so intense. I felt a bit anxious and had some trouble sleeping during the week leading up to it, but in the days just after the Eclipse, the energies felt calmer, and then the tiredness kicked in. Now the intensity seems to be building again though, and since we’re approaching a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, it promises to be deep and transformative. I don’t always feel the full moon energies equally strongly, but a Scorpio full moon is always powerful, and I tend to feel it keenly. With this being not only a full moon, but a lunar Eclipse, it’s like a Scorpio full moon on steroids, and to be honest, I’m almost dreading it a little…

At this point I’m of course very used to working through heavy things, and I know I can handle whatever gets thrown my way, yet I still can feel a bit of trepidation at times. It’s not like any of us enjoy experiencing pain, yet it’s an inevitable step on our healing and ascension journeys. We have to face our pain, our fears, and our traumas in order to heal and rise up into our power, that’s just how things work, I have come to find. Speaking of rising up into our power, I had an interesting dream last night, that I feel is related to that particular notion. In fact, my dreams have for a while now become more and more vivid. Some say that as we move through ascension our pineal gland gets activated, and becomes crystalline. It also begins to secrete more melatonin (which is one of its functions), and I do think the fact that I’m dreaming so much, and vividly, may have something to do with that. But I digress…

Last night I dreamt of dragons. And they weren’t exactly sweet, magical dragons either, but your “Game of Thrones” type dragons, scary and mean. Like an untamable force of fire, of strength and evil, almost, but more in that natural, predatory way, like a lion or a crocodile, but scarier. In the dream I was being trained to “tame” the dragon, in a sense, or conquer it, is perhaps a better word for it. Because it wasn’t really about making the dragon docile, it was more about learning to meld with its power, and be able to wield the dragon as I wanted to. Again, a bit like how it’s done in “Game of Thrones”, or better yet, “The House of the Dragon”, where the Targaryens bond with their own, personal dragon and learn to ride it. It felt a bit like that was the goal, that I was eventually meant to be able to ride my own dragon, but in the dream I was honestly terrified of it, and couldn’t for the life of me understand how I could possibly be able to do that. Yet there were many dragons and many people in the dream that had already learnt to “tame” their dragon, so it was within the scope of reality, so to speak, within the dream.

So there’s lots of symbology within this dream, obviously, with the most obvious one being the dragon symbolizing unrestrained power. First and foremost that could mean my own inner power, and that I need to harness that power, not to tame it, but to use it, ride it, wield it for the benefit of myself and humanity (not in a selfish way, but use it for good). Yet there was a sinister aspect to the dragons in my dream, which I feel may represent my own shadow side, and parts of me that I’m afraid to face, to acknowledge. I’ve always been afraid of showing anger, afraid of conflict, and perhaps avoid being truthful at times, for that reason. This fear and conditioning holds me back from being truly authentic, and to step into my power for real. It’s not the first time I’ve been confronted with this on my ascension journey, as it has shown up in dreams before, for example as a spider, representing the dark feminine (which I write about in this post).

Yet, this dream, I feel, goes even deeper, in that I feel the dragons and their sinister presence in the dream also represent the darkness in the world, and our need to conquer that, too. As within, so without, and as we all have our own demons to face, our inner dragons to conquer, we also need to conquer the dragons in the outside world. So once again, for me, I feel the dream is about embracing my shadow, not to become it, but to allow it its place. This means essentially, to allow the expression of so-called negative emotions, such as anger, and even rage. I need to acknowledge it and let it out (in a healthy way, of course), and even use it to step into more of my power. In fact, I believe it’s a necessary step in order to become more of who I truly am, and be able to live my best life, and fulfilling my purpose here on earth.

On a last note, some spiritual teachers use the symbolism of riding the dragon for the process of ascension , and I do feel that is relevant here, as well. The process of ascension, in my experience, is about healing and releasing all those things that stand in the way of who we truly are, embracing the good, the bad and the ugly, so that we can step into our power and be all that we can be. And riding the dragon is a symbol of having harnessed our shadow and balanced the light and dark within, bringing us to inner union, to balance, to love and light. So I believe the dream is showing me that I must face this, and face my fear, in order to reach this state of being, this higher consciousness.

So I hope, with this post, to inspire you to go deeper within your own process, to face and harness your own dragon, so that we can all ride into new earth together, or rather create it from a loving, balanced, powerful, creative place. And if you feel you could use some support with your shadow work, beyond my blogs and free meditations, feel free to explore working with me in a deeper capacity.

With that I sign off for now, and as always, sending you much love & light!

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