Easter, Resurrection & the Importance of Grounding

Easter is just behind us, and here in Norway, Easter is kind of a big deal. We get an extra long weekend, with both the Thursday, Friday and the following Monday off work (for those that work a regular workweek like that, I personally don’t, but I still had those days off this year, luckily). Since I moved back to Norway, my brother and his kids, and myself have made it a bit of a tradition to hang out for Easter, and go up to the mountains, when possible. Going to the mountains for skiing and fun in the snow at Easter time is kind of a thing in Norway in general, and many people own cabins, or rent one, and go there to spend time with family or friends, for relaxation and skiing. I had a wonderful time with my family this year, as we went to a beautiful place that had amazing trails and tracks to go cross country skiing. And the weather was just perfect, too, sunny and nice all the days that we were there.

Intense energies abound these days, and probably won’t let up for some time, as we’re in an ascension process here on earth, meaning our planet and the people on it are moving to a higher frequency and consciousness. This can mean different things to different people, but for me, it’s all about moving into higher vibrations of love and light, which also means purging whatever isn’t in alignment with that. This happens on both a personal and collective level, and can be quite challenging to move through, as it brings up old wounds and conditioning to clear and heal. We’re confronted with our shadow, both personally and on a planetary level, as we need to integrate the old in order to move on to new and better ways of living.

There are times throughout the year when the energies are extra intense, such as the solstices and equinoxes, eclipses and the like, and Easter is among those times. The last supper, the crucifixion of Christ, and the resurrection is a collective wound that still plays a part in the collective psyche and affects us in various ways, even if you’re not a Christian per se. Personally, I had a sense that I would be receiving a lot of strong, uplifting energies this Easter, and I could feel the buildup to that even in the days prior to the holidays. Being up on the mountain and outside in nature served to intensify the energies even more, but it also helped to ground them, as being outside in the nature is always very grounding. Every morning when I woke up, I was buzzing with energy, like my whole body was vibrating, and I had lots of vivid dreams. In fact, it felt like I was receiving an upgrade of sorts, like a mini-resurrection.

When I got home that Monday afternoon, I worked out a bit, and after that I was so tired, that all I could do was lie on the couch and relax for the rest of the evening. I even fell asleep for a short time, which is something I rarely do. Although I felt the energies were very positive and high-vibrational, which normally would trigger old wounds, I didn’t feel triggered this time, but I was still very tired. My body needed to integrate all the energies, and so rest was what my body craved. I am still integrating the energies as we speak. I haven’t felt any wounds come up yet, but that may still happen of course, as I’m moving through and assimilating.

These kinds of experiences have become quite commonplace for me over the past few years, after my Kundalini awakening back in 2017, that thrust me into an accelerated ascension process. But I am noticing that as time goes by, and having cleared out a lot of wounding, my energy has become lighter and these days it has become in many ways much easier to move through the process. At the same time, I’m much more sensitive to whatever energies are moving through me, I can feel them more strongly, and integrate them much faster than before. My heart center is opening up more and more and I’m feeling love and light moving in and expanding my heart and energy field. Yet the process is still intense, and something that I have been reminded of recently, is the importance to ground whenever higher vibrations are moving in.

When we receive upgrades and high vibrations, it can often leave us feeling a little spacey, drained and anxious if we’re not careful. This is why it’s important to be gentle with ourselves as we move through our processes, rest when we can, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and do some grounding exercises. There are many great ways to help ground our energies, and I will give some suggestions that have helped me. As I mentioned earlier, being in nature can be very grounding, hugging a tree (yes, literally!), walking barefoot on the grass etc. is a great way to get out of our heads and into our body. Massaging our feet, exercising, and just regular walking, can also be good, to move the energies through our body, and down into the legs and feet. Talking to a good friend can help us focus our attention to the here and now, so that we don’t dwell too much in our heads.

A visualization exercise that I particularly like to do, and I find very effective, is to either sit with your feet on the floor, or stand up with your feet fully rooted into the floor (being barefoot when doing this is even better). Close your eyes, slow down your breathing and begin to visualize energetic roots growing down from your root chakra at the tailbone, down through your legs and feet and through the floor into the ground (doing this outside on the ground directly is even better whenever possible, but may be more of a challenge right now if you live in a place like me, where there’s still snow on the ground and cold). Keep visualizing these roots moving down into the earth, through the layers of rock and dirt, and all the way into the crystalline core of the earth. Feel your energetic roots anchoring in there, so that you are fully supported by the earth. Do this until you feel calm and grounded, and the exercise feels complete.

Being a vibrational healer, I, of course, cannot talk about grounding without mentioning my favorite helpers; crystals, essential oils and sound. Working with crystals like obsidian (black, mahogany and snowflake obsidian are all great), hematite, onyx, black tourmaline, shungite, garnet, red jasper and smoky quartz give a grounding, protecting and stabilizing effect. Essential oils of vetiver, patchouli, jatamansi, myrrh, as well as any tree oils (frankincense, juniper, cedar, sandalwood etc.) are all great for grounding. And making low, deep sounds when toning, or playing a drum, are a great way to use sound to help provide a grounding vibration for yourself whenever needed. You can use any of these tools in meditation, or with the crystals and oils, feel free to wear them on your body, or smell the oils whenever you feel called to. They will instantly ground your energy and help you feel more stable and secure.

So those are some tips and suggestions from me today. I trust you are navigating the strong energies as best you can, and hope that some of these tools and exercises will be of help to you, should you feel called to try some of them. With that, I wish you a beautiful day, and as always, send you much love & light!

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