The Power of Crystals + Essential Oils as Vibrational Healers

It’s been one active week on the astrological front, with the equinox ringing in the astrological new year, a new moon in Aries and Pluto dipping its toes into Aquarius. So if you’ve felt a shift in energy, and hopefully positive shifts, these may be the reasons why. I’ve certainly felt the shift, and after a few weeks moving through some challenging triggers and heaviness things are beginning to feel lighter, albeit still intense. With these fresh energies on offer, the sun now in Aries, plus no major planets in retrograde, the heavens are aligned for forward movement as far as any projects you may like to get off the ground. I hope to do so myself, although I still need to get a few more ducks in a row before it’s go time. But energetically it doesn’t feel like anything is holding me back at the moment, which is a great feeling!

One thing I feel particularly excited about these days is reconnecting with crystals and essentials oils on a deeper level. Although these beautiful healers have been my companions for many years now, especially since my training to become a vibrational healer back in 2013, something happened recently to open up my connection with them even more. It started when I contracted pharyngitis a few weeks back. It seemed to just keep worsening over several days, and one Friday night when it was particularly painful, I thought to myself that I’ll need to go the ER if this doesn’t get any better. I try to avoid taking pharmaceuticals if I can help it, so I figured it may be time to test some of the alternative healing methods I have in fact trained in, and essential oils were among the healers I brought in that I felt had quite a powerful effect. Just a few hours after I started using them, I began seeing some improvement, and over the next few days I slowly healed myself from the pharyngitis without the need for any conventional drugs.

I did also use crystals to some degree with my throat infection, mostly lapis lazuli, but my deeper reconnection with the crystals didn’t come until a bit later. I happened to see a YouTube video with a healer who used a crystal skull of rhodonite, and I immediately felt drawn to pick up some rhodonite. Especially when I realized that it really is the perfect stone to work with when it comes to healing your heart, working through old trauma, and facing your shadow. If you’re familiar with rhodonite you’ll know that it is both pink and black in color, pink representing the frequency of love and black the color of the shadow. So I picked it up, and at the same time also got a few other stones I felt drawn to: smoky quartz, unakite, blood stone and moonstone. I had been feeling quite a bit of unease, and anxiety that felt stuck at the heart chakra primarily, but with the stones (and some sound healing with tuning forks) I was able to release it.

When working with the stones this time I could feel their vibration in such a profound way, much stronger than I have been able to in the past, and I could really feel their healing power. I put this down to my intense healing work over the past years, and all the heavy energies and past traumas I’ve been able to clear out. This has made me much more sensitive to energies and I can feel energies moving through my body, as well as other energies out in the ethers in a way that I was never able to before. It has helped me feel and understand energies in new ways, such as kundalini and sexual energies, as well as the chakras, but now I can also feel the healing vibrations of crystals in a new way. Although I have always believed in their power, it gives a whole new level to your work as a healer when you can also feel it, and use that to heal your own as well as your client’s issues on a deeper level.

Another crystal that I have been guided to work with recently, is blue lace agate. After working through some triggers in recent weeks in relation to abundance, I found I had some blocks when it comes to trust, both trusting myself as well as others. This is something that has come up in my twin flame connection also, and is related to giving and receiving in general, love, money, and anything else in between. I realized that this issue was connected to my childhood and how money was handled in my family. Money was always an issue and whenever I had to ask for money for school trips and the like, it seemed to almost always be a problem, and it made me uncomfortable and I ended up dreading it. Although I usually ended up getting the money I needed, it was always an ordeal to get there, and it made me feel like I didn’t want to ever have to rely on others for money. I realized I have trust issues when it comes to depending on others for money, but that issue also extends to other things, such as love. My wounded part feels like it doesn’t want other people to be too attached to me, and so I may avoid giving at times, whether it is money or something else. And it all comes down to trust. Or lack of it. Trust in myself, trust in others, and perhaps most importantly, trust in God/the universe/higher self or however you prefer to think of it.

Blue lace agate is according to some, a stone of trust, and I felt I needed to work with its soft energy to help me release my trust issues, and help me to be able to give and receive more freely. I feel that’s already helped me in many ways, but I still feel some undefined unease under the surface that I still need to clear out. So I will continue working with it. This stone is also helpful for the throat and solar plexus chakras, and since expressing my truth and setting boundaries can be an issue for me, I have found this stone helpful in that too. And it is aiding me in reclaiming a gentle sense of power, not allowing people to take advantage or trying to push me to do things their way, when it’s not what I ultimately want or believe to be right for me. In other words, it’s helping me to say no and to stand up for myself more.

Crystals and essential oils can be used in so many beautiful ways, but I think the best way to use them is to follow your intuition. It can be helpful to learn about which stones and oils are generally associated with each chakra, as well as other benefits and uses they have, but if there is a particular stone or oil you feel drawn to, I would trust your own instincts, too. So I hope this post will inspire you to work more with these beautiful healers and discover their many benefits for yourself. I will say though, that the stones especially work to amplify intent and energies that you give them, and neither the oils nor the crystals will do your deeper healing work for you. But once you figure out your issues and start to work through your stuff, they can be beautiful aids on your healing journey.

With that I will say goodbye for today, but I wish you all the best in exploring what crystals and essential oils can do for you, and I send you, as always, much love and light!

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