4 Keys to Fulfilling Your Potential

I’m sitting in my new favorite spot, the Deichman library in Oslo, looking out at a snowy view of the harbor and watching the people walk by on the streets and walkways below (I’m on the 3rd floor). It’s a somewhat gray and cloudy day, yet the snow lights up the landscape. We had a fresh snowfall overnight, reminding us that even though it was Imbolc yesterday, winter is still very much here (here in Oslo, anyway). I don’t mind, as I like winter, and I still haven’t had a chance to go skiing, so happy to keep winter for a little bit longer, so I can get some time in on the slopes.

We’re also approaching a full moon in Leo this coming Sunday, with some fiery, heart-centered vibrations coming our way. Leo is all about joy, courage and shining our light into the world, so taking some steps toward our purpose and fulfilling more of our potential may be just about right with these energies on offer. Although being a full moon, clearing out some of the obstacles that stand in the way of this, may also be part of the deal, and goes right along with the theme for today’s blog post.

Fulfilling our potential in life is something most of us long for, I would imagine, yet it is also something that tends to elude us. Some of us have been trying for years to build the life that we long for, yet it still seems to be a little out of reach. It seems like it comes so easy for some people, but some of us have struggled for what seems like an eternity, and still nothing appears to be happening. A key word here is that it “seems” to be that way, as nothing is ever quite as it seems in our world, but I will get back to that. There are reasons why some of us struggle so much, and no, we’re not cursed, although it could possibly feel like that at times. 🤪

What I have come to understand, through my own internal processes and healing journey that I’ve been on for a while, is that we really are here to fulfill our potential, we’re all “meant to” do this, for lack of a better term, yet there are some things that stand in our way. Luckily though, we can for the most part do something about the latter, which is one of the areas I will discuss today. But before I go into the keys to fulfill your potential, I would like to remind you that life is a journey and that it’s just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Although I do believe that we all have a reason for being here, a purpose in life that we feel drawn to fulfill, we’re also “works in progress”, always reaching for something more, something better, and that is as it should be, as the whole reason for being is to learn, grow and expand our consciousness: a never-ending project.

When it comes to fulfilling our purpose and potential, the number one area where it all begins, is to find out what that really means for each one of us. What do we want out of life? This can change as we learn and grow and experience things. In fact, I believe that part of the purpose of our life journey is to teach us what we want and don’t want through our experiences. Yet it also behooves us to get some clarity on what we want, by taking some time to sit down and feel into what it is we truly desire in life. What lights us up? What would truly satisfy us? Sometimes it’s not so easy to know that fully until we fully experience that which we want, yet, there are still clues. In order to be truly satisfying, our purpose and our goals need to be heart-centered and aligned with our soul. So feel into that for a bit. And ask yourself: what excites you, what lights you up, what makes your heart swell? One pitfall here may be to go for security first, and follow the money, and although those things are important too, they should not be at the cost of your heart and your soul. So take some time to get that clear on what you want, and follow your heart in this, no matter what.

The second key to getting what we want in life is to clear out any obstacles we may have within us that block our ability to get them. And trust me, we all have those! These blocks will usually start to show up as soon as we start to take steps towards creating our best life. At the root of them, there are usually such issues as worthiness and lack of self-love, feeling like we don’t deserve to fulfill our goals and dreams, yet these issues can show up in many forms. Past traumas and negative experiences that have not been fully processed and released, will still be subconsciously affecting our thoughts and behavior and can show up in numerous ways, such as self-sabotage, general fear and anxiety, impostor syndrome and procrastination, to name a few. It’s important that we work our way through these, and this can take some time. Yet it’s important to tackle them head on, deal with them, and clear them out once and for all. These blocks can stem from societal conditioning, childhood experiences and past life traumas, so we may need to go deep in order to weed them out at the root, yet it’s so worth it to do so, and vital, if you truly want to reach the life of your goals and dreams.

The third key to fulfilling your potential and reaching your goals and dreams is to follow your inner guidance. As I mentioned above, your goals and dreams need to be soul aligned, and when they are, your soul, or your Higher Self, will do all that it can to help you get there. This is where the magic of intuition and synchronicity starts to show up. We all have a built-in guidance system that will guide us all the way home as long as we’re willing to listen to it. We often have blocks to this also, though, so the more we work on ourselves and clear out any past traumas and negative experiences, that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the louder and clearer we will hear and be able to follow our inner guidance. Another tricky issue here can be how to know the difference between the ego and our intuition. This isn’t always easy and it can take some time and experience to get better at recognizing what is what. Fear and past traumas can often fool us into thinking that something is our intuition speaking when it’s actually our ego. Through experience you will learn to recognize your intuition, but a clue again, is to feel into whether the guidance you receive is heart-centered and expansive, or feels restrictive and coming from fear.

The fourth and final key to achieving your goals and dreams is patience and trusting in divine timing. This can actually be quite challenging, as often when we get clear on what we want, we would like to be there now! Yet, often it’s not that simple. As I mentioned at the beginning, life is just as much about the journey as the destination, and often we can walk a long and winding road before we get there. But trust that there is a reason behind it all. Perhaps there is something we need to learn along the way, lessons we need to absorb fully, or perhaps some karma with other people that need to play itself out and heal. And perhaps we’ll appreciate reaching our goals all the more when we have put a lot of effort into achieving them, and we’re in a clear and free state to fully appreciate them. Part of the lesson of fulfilling our potential and reaching our goals is believing that they are for you, and believing in yourself. Know that what is meant for you, no one can take away from you, only you can do that, by giving up. So keep going, keep taking the steps, and trust! And you will get there, I promise.

I hope that you find these keys helpful and that they inspire you to work on reaching your full potential, as I know you have it in you to do so. We all have our own individual journey to walk, and it can be quite exciting, as long as you have some guidelines and “rules” to follow in how to walk it. These keys have been invaluable for me on my own journey, and have helped me reach many of my goals, and know they will help me reach many more on my way to honing and refining my own potential. I trust they will do the same for you!

With that I sign off for today, and wish you, as always, much love & light!

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