The Importance of Structuring Your Creative Endeavors

Today, as I’m writing this blog post, it’s a gray and dreary day here in Oslo, Norway. I’m sitting at the big library in the city center, which is a really cool place by the way, and have a seat overlooking the harbor and the edge of the opera house. The view isn’t as inspiring as it would normally be, given the aforementioned grayness, but I trust inspiration will come nonetheless, as it usually does, if I just begin writing. This reminds me of one of the 5 sutras for the Aquarian Age, that we were given during Kundalini Yoga teacher training back in 2011/2012. The 3rd sutra is “when the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off”. I find this to be true for many things in life, and I suppose that’s why, whenever I plan to do something creative, such as writing a new blog post, a new song or the like, that I try not to think too much about it beforehand, but just start writing.

Connecting in with creative flow can be a sort of tricky thing at times, and I find that to be creative we need to be both practical, yet let go at the same time. We need to open up for inspiration to flow, but also let go of the outcome, of whatever it is that we’re producing. Although you might think that routine is the killer of all creativity, I have, perhaps surprisingly, not necessarily found that. I have a schedule for when I post my blog posts, which is every other Friday. This is a goal that I myself have committed too, in order to produce something on a regular basis. That’s not to say that I haven’t sometimes skipped a week or two, but just having that aim, still helps me to get more done. And I don’t find that it stifles my creative flow, as I am somehow always able to connect in and the words just seem to appear.

I think experience of course helps a lot in this, though. When I began blogging about 10 years ago (I’ve had a couple of different blogs over the years, although the themes have remained largely the same), I didn’t really know what I was doing, and it took a while before I found my voice, and gained confidence in my writing. The same goes for other creative endeavors, too, such as singing, songwriting, or producing music that I personally pursue, although I don’t know that I have enjoyed quite the same confidence in this realm. I also haven’t up until now, been as structured with my creativity here. Although I practice vocal exercises and sound healing/toning on a regular basis, when it comes to producing music (writing songs and recording them), I think I could actually benefit from becoming a bit more structured, and set a plan for when I will write and produce music.

Back when I was living in Los Angeles, and just after having graduated from music school, I was motivated and inspired, and I performed and wrote music for a time, but then some personal things happened in my life, where I needed to shelve my music endeavors for a while. It wasn’t necessarily something I wanted to do, but I found myself all of a sudden coming down with a major writer’s block, and as much as I wanted to, was unable to write songs. This put me on a different trajectory, where I awakened to my spiritual gifts, and explored and trained within the fields of yoga, vibrational healing and the like. In many ways I think this was necessary for me, because although I didn’t fully realize it at the time, I had many major blocks that prevented me from fully realizing my potential within the field of music.

But everything happens for a reason, as they say, and now that I have worked through many of those blocks, especially in the past 6 years, I’m finally beginning to see the light, and feel ready to take things to a new level. Since my kundalini awakening and twin flame journey began in earnest back in 2017, inspiration and creative flow within the music realm began to slowly reappear, and I have tentatively started to create music again. I’m realizing, as I write this post, that I haven’t fully embraced it though, something was still holding me back, as I still had some blocks to work through. But these days, I’m finding myself more and more inspired and ready to get down to business, so to speak, and get serious about it. And I feel excited about it once more, perhaps more than ever!

One thing I have begun to grasp, is that within any creative endeavor (which can encompass anything that you create, and can even apply to your whole life), is the importance of balancing structure with creativity. Another way to put it, is to balance masculine and feminine energies within you and within your life. This applies perfectly to the paradigm of success, where we are able to produce more and better, once we can put our creativity within a structured environment. Being in creative flow and open to inspiration, which is our feminine aspect, can expand and get its proper expression only within the structure of discipline, which is our masculine aspect. When we can balance both, and clear out our blocks that stand in the way of our success (and they can be many), that is when we can become real professionals and our potential for success magnifies beyond measure.

So now that I’ve become aware of how I’ve been holding myself back, by avoiding the application of structure within some of my creative endeavors, it’s clear what I need to do to fix it: come up with a plan for when and what to produce when it comes to music, and set some goals and deadlines for myself in order to get more productive. In fact, taking the whole principle of balancing my life and work in that masculine and feminine way, is a goal for this year, that I will begin to pursue right away. I hope that you also can take some inspiration from my words here, and do the same. Take a look at your life, and see how you can find more time to be creative through structuring your day to day life. Just keep in mind to go with the flow sometimes too, and don’t get too rigid with it all. Whenever you have a bad day or feel blocked, perhaps it’s better to go for a walk, or do something different than what your schedule dictates. That may be all you need to open up the flow once more.

So I hope some of what I’ve said in this post resonates with you, and that it inspires you to take things to the next level in your own creative endeavors, whatever they may be. And with that I sign off for this time, and as always, I send you much love & light!

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