What It Means to be a Twin Flame

December has just arrived and we’re in the last month of the year 2022. I can’t quite believe that this year is already coming into its final weeks. It has really flown by, and looking back, it has been quite an eventful year for me, at least in the inner realms. I have taken quite a few steps forward on my healing journey. Although it has definitely been challenging at times, some major shifts have happened, and I feel I have taken some big steps in a short period of time. It seems that the closer you get to the core of your wounds, the more the process speeds up, as there aren’t so many heavy emotions and resistant blocks to work through as before. That doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, in fact, in some ways, it’s been tougher than ever, but now I can really see and feel the difference in my overall energy, emotional/mental strength and behavioral patterns after each round of clearing, more than ever before.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, in a sense, although I haven’t quite reached it yet. Having said that, I know there isn’t really an end to the ascension journey, as we never stop evolving and growing, on our journey back to Source and a perpetual union with all that is. Yet, there are milestones on this journey, and healing some of our deepest wounds, and in the process balancing our masculine and feminine energies to a point where we can come into an inner union of sorts, that is a goal worth pursuing, and one I am working towards right now. Yet, there are many layers to the onion, so who knows how many more I have to sift through. Each time I think I must be getting closer, another wound, or aspect of a wound shows up and needs tending to, and on it goes. But that is the journey, it takes time to unravel lifetimes of conditioning, trauma and pain. Thankfully, it is all balanced out with equal amounts of love, bliss and peace.

Something I don’t often focus on so much in my writings, is my twin flame and the importance of that connection in shaping my journey of healing and ascension. This is because I don’t want the focus to be so much on him and what he is doing (or not doing), but bring it back to me and my own healing. And also because there are a lot of misconceptions to what it really means to be a twin flame, and quite a bit of misplaced romantic obsession that comes with it, that I would rather do without. Yet that is not to say my twin flame hasn’t had a major impact on me, and continues to have one. The connection can be an intense one, both in the way the two counterparts have a tendency to trigger wounds in each other, and bring out aspects of ourselves (our shadow side), that we often don’t even know are there, but also the positive aspects, as in activating high vibrations of love and bliss in each other, can at times be a bit too much to handle.

This is probably the main reason why so many twin flames are in a state of “physical separation”, as each twin needs time to work on her/himself in order to heal old wounds and integrate the higher energies so that they can handle the process in a more balanced way. Of course, the whole concept of being in separation may imply that twins “have to” come into a romantic relationship at some point, which is far from the case. Twin flames don’t “have to” do anything, in fact, no human being does, and releasing outdated ideas on what a relationship needs to look like, or even how to live your life, is perhaps what twin flames are first and foremost here to break wide open. Healing the old and bringing in the new, each in his or her own way, is first and foremost the mission of the twin flames, so perhaps even the twin flame label itself is a bit misplaced.

Now, that’s not to say that twin flames may not come together in a romantic relationship. They often do, but a twin flame relationship, or union, as it’s more often known as, can never be a traditional relationship confined by narrow minded notions that we as a society have been conditioned into believing. And since these types of relationships are relatively new in our reality, and most of us have a lot to heal and release when it comes to dysfunctional relationship patterns and expectations of our significant other, it may take a while before this type of relationship becomes the new norm. Yet, I believe that is where we’re heading, in time. We who are at the forefront of this awakening to a new way of being and living, will pave the way, and do the heavy lifting, so that it will be easier for those who come after.

As we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift here on earth on all levels, that shift can only happen on a collective level once we each make our own shifts individually, then in our relationships. Not that this happens in any sort of neat, consecutive order, of course, as our relationships and societal events affect us individually, as each one of us have an impact on society and those around us, as well. This is how we grow and evolve in an eternal dance, yet nowadays this is all sped up, as we’re in the process of taking a bit of a quantum leap into a much higher level of consciousness. That is perhaps why everything may seem a bit chaotic at the moment, as the old ways of thinking and doing things are brought into the open to be looked at, and we’re all making decisions on some level of what we want to keep and what we want to change.

Sometimes it may seem that we don’t have much say in how to live our lives, as various restrictions are imposed upon us one way or another, but I believe that is just to show us how we don’t want to live, so that we can take our freedoms back, once and for all. Twin flames (and ultimately, we are all twin flames), are here to pave the way for this, helping to free ourselves from all outdated, constrictive ideas, so that we can create lives, relationships and ultimately a society that truly supports living from our hearts, living from a place of love, and where we are free to express ourselves as we truly are.

This is my notion of twin flames, based on my own personal experience, and I am excited to see how my own twin flame journey will keep unfolding, as well as the twin flame journey of humanity. Although it is sure to be a bit of a roller coaster ride until we can settle down and find balance in the new paradigm, but I know we will get there, one person, one relationship at a time.

With that I wrap up for this time. As always, I’m sending you much love & light!

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