Heart Over Mind Over Matter

As I’m writing this new post, I’m sitting at a coffee shop in Oslo, overlooking the park by the royal castle. There are lots of trees showing various fall colors, from red, to yellow and some green still. It’s a beautiful view, and I enjoy how being in nature, or even just looking at it, will always help my creative flow, calming and expanding my mind at the same time. It has been a relatively quiet week for me, with some emotional waves moving through my being from time to time, but nothing I can’t handle. The more I clear and release of old emotional debris, the more sensitive I become. I feel quite vulnerable at times, and tears come easily when I’m like that, although it’s mostly cleansing tears, I don’t necessarily feel sad or hopeless the majority of the time.

At the same time, I’m feeling a new strength slowly emerging in me too, as these past few months of intense work has brought on some shifts that I feel are really starting to take hold now. As this new lighter and stronger me is emerging, I get the sense that I’m approaching inner union, which is a stage of balance within where you’re in a state of flow, and feel happy for no particular reason, connected to the power of love like never before. I can feel all these popping up from time to time, but they’re not a constant yet. There is still some sadness and blocks to clear, although they feel lighter and lighter too. A lot of energy is moving through me and my heart is opening up more and more. I believe that is why I feel so sensitive at times, the closer to my core I get.

Looking back at my journey over the past 5+ years, I can see that most of my work has been to clear out stuck emotions, and most of my imbalances have been in my emotional body. I received a powerful healing from a twin flame coach and healer recently, which helped clear out some of that, and since then I’ve felt even more in alignment with my true self, my soul. I can see much more clearly now how all this pain and trauma from the past have been blocking me in all kinds of ways, and to get to a higher vibration and reach my goals as a healer, coach, musician and just generally in life, there is no other way but to clear them and heal on all levels.

This is, more than anything else, what will help you to achieve what you want in life, and create your own ‘“heaven of earth” if you will. It is the process of ascension that many of us are going through right now, although you may call it something else. That doesn’t matter. Regardless of how open you are to spiritual concepts such as ascension, twin flames and the like, I think we can all agree that most of us have dreams and goals that we aim for in life, and strive to have a life with more peace, love and harmony. Until I had my major twin flame/kundalini awakening back in early 2017, I had no idea of how deep my wounds went. Although I had been committed to working on myself for many years prior to that, there was still so much more to unravel and release. I can see now how many blocks I still had, and regardless of how much I did to try to reach my goals I was still stuck, butting my head against all my internal, subconscious wounding.

For years prior to that I had tried to work with the law of attraction, repeating affirmations and working with meditations, attempting to shift my mindset to one of abundance and prosperity. But most of that didn’t really work, because of all the other subconscious wounding that was there stopping me. I have come to realize that all this focus on changing your thoughts and stilling the mind doesn’t do anything unless you address all your underlying emotional blocks. Once that is done, and you begin to heal and clear out all the wounds and pain from the past, that is when your thoughts and your mind will shift on its own, as a direct consequence. Focusing on shifting the mind and your thoughts without going deeper into the underlying trauma that is causing your specific thoughts and mindset, is like putting a bandaid on a broken bone. It does little to nothing to really change your situation.

The heart is where it’s at, which is what research from the HeartMath Institute has also found. The heart radiates with a much stronger energetic field than the brain, and actually sends a lot more instructions to the brain than vice versa (which is not what we are taught to believe). Stress and negative emotions that are felt at the heart, sends signals to the brain and affect its processes. When we have blocks around the heart that result from underlying traumas and past pain, this will affect our overall wellbeing and state of mind. My work over the past few years has primarily been focused on breaking down the barriers around my heart, to again reach through to the vibration of love, joy and peace that is there. And the more I have done this, the more my mind is able to calm down and settle too, and I have been experiencing much more creative flow, as well as attracting things that I need and desire for myself.

So it all starts at the heart, and while you work on clearing out all those underlying wounds, it’s also important to tune into the heart on a regular basis, and start to rebuild your connection to it, feeling into the love and beauty that is there. I have created a nice little meditation for that, that you can access right here (it’s the self-love meditation on top of the page). So I encourage you to focus in on your heart, and give yourself love, as you work through all the wounds that are blocking that flow of love from your heart. You will find in time that you will begin to manifest a magical life as a result. And with that, I wish you a beautiful day.

And sending you much love & light!

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