Are You Settling for Crumbs?

Another Friday is upon us (as I’m writing this post), and I’m enjoying another day at the beach here in Oslo, Norway. We’re in July and in the height of summer, and it’s nice to enjoy some sun, sand and sea, helping to ground the intense energies that are constantly flowing in these days. This last week has been intense for other reasons too, for me personally, as I’ve reconnected with my twin flame recently, and as usual, he has activated and triggered me to no end. But also as usual, he has shown me (inadvertently) some truths about myself that I needed to acknowledge and take action on, and helped clear away some more attachment issues that I’ve had in relation to him.

But more on that later in the post, as I like to tie my experiences in with what is going on astrologically, and give a little energy update in my blog posts, on how the stars are affecting us both collectively, and personally. Since my last post we’ve had a new moon in Cancer, the most sensitive of all the signs, with Black Moon Lilith, representing raw feminine power, and Neptune, the planet of creativity, spirituality and illusion, playing a major role. My own moon is in Cancer, and I definitely can relate to the sensitivity of that sign, but I can see how both Neptune and Black Moon Lilith played a part in my most recent encounter with the above mentioned twin.

We’ve had two recent meetings. With the first one I felt once again pulled into the love and sweetness of our connection as so many times before, although it was calmer this time and I think that we didn’t get carried away with it to the same degree as before, which is positive, since there are still circumstances and energies that are not in full harmony yet between us. This lulled me into a bit of an illusory state of mind where I thought we were further along than we were (Neptune’s influence perhaps), or at least that he had stopped doing certain things that he used to do when we first met, yet our second meeting proved that was not the case. He did something to push me away once again, which awakened the fury of Black Moon Lilith in me. This was actually a positive thing though, because that raw power has stayed with me, and pulled the veil from my eyes in more ways than one, which I really needed and has set me free in many ways.

Since before this twin flame/ascension journey started I have felt a strong calling that I was meant to do something more in the world. To help and heal people, as well as uplift them into higher states of being through using my talents and skills that I have been both given and acquired throughout my life. It has become clear to me more and more throughout my journey in recent years that my specific way is with music and vibrational/sound healing, as well as spiritual coaching. Yet I have lacked the confidence and full conviction in my own abilities, which has held me back in many ways. I’ve had many blocks from this life and past lives that have caused me to feel this way, and the ascension process I have been in has been very much about removing these blocks. In recent weeks I was really beginning to feel that I was drawing close to being ready, yet there was still something more blocking. The second encounter with my twin took care of that.

The soul shock of being pushed away once again, triggered the last bit of wounding in me to release, and although I was angry at him, I could see why it had to happen and why I needed it. I could see how I haven’t treated myself as worthy of having what I want in life in terms of a career doing what I love, and gone after other things I wanted, but then and there I made the decision, that this stops now. No more excuses and holding myself back! It was quite freeing actually, as this time I finally haven’t fallen back into self-pity and wishy-washininess on my part. It feels like this newfound power (perhaps also connected to my inner masculine activating) is here to stay and I’m 100% committed to creating the life I want to live. Because I deserve it. We all do, actually. You too!

In the days after this encounter and realization, I have felt the alchemy of emotions and energies within me, as this new power kept solidifying, and this happened coincidentally with the Sirian gateway. I feel very much connected to Sirius, and I believe I’ve had past lives there, and so it felt good that I could step into my power more through this gateway. And I trust that the super full moon in Capricorn that is just around the corner, will help me release even more what is standing in my way. One thing that I know for sure is that through this newfound power that has been activated within me, is that I won’t settle for crumbs anymore, and that goes for all areas of my life, also in my connection with my twin. In fact, I think I have released my attachment to having a relationship with him finally, and don’t really care which way things go now. And that is also incredibly freeing!

Of course, the work never ends, and I suppose now the real work begins of creating this new life of mine, that I want to live. But I’m excited to get going. I have a new song that I wrote a few weeks back, that I’m going to start working on the production of. And I’m slowly taking steps to get my healing and coaching practice up to speed. I know there will still be lots of ups and downs with it all, but that’s okay. I definitely feel a big shift in my own belief in and commitment to myself and what I want to do in the world. And that is a major turning point for me. The rest will unfold as it will. I trust that it’s all going in the right direction as long as I keep following my inner guidance with it all.

I hope that this blog post may serve as an inspiration for you to also find your power and stop settling for crumbs, if you feel you have done so in any area of your life. It could be in relation to your work life, your love life or something else. Perhaps take some time to start feeling into that right now, and see if there is a need to take your power back in relation to something in your life. If so, I encourage you to do it, and let your spirit soar!

With that I say goodbye for today, and as always, wish you much love & light!

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