Manifestation, Synchronicity & Divine Guidance

Eclipse season has finally come to an end, and the energies seem to be settling down a little. At least on my end, finally. It has been rather intense, but I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, as things are easing up. As always, though, the deep dive was worth it, and I feel like I’m in a lighter space now and new things seem to be opening up. New opportunities are coming for me personally, and lighter and higher vibrations are available to all those who are ready to receive them.

We have another super full moon in Sagittarius coming up in a few days of writing this post, but I don’t expect that one to be as intense as the lunar eclipse was. We’re in Gemini season, it’s summer (at least here in the Northern hemisphere), and it’s time to socialize and have some fun! At least, I’m ready for that! That’s not to say that ascension isn’t still happening, and the world around us is a little nuts, so always something to deal with, but still… we need to enjoy ourselves a little bit too. 🙂

Solstice is right around the corner, coming up on June 21, and the sun will shift into the sign of Cancer then, the most sensitive of all the signs. So be gentle with yourself at this time, set strong boundaries, but also nurture yourself spending time with family and loved ones (if you find family time nurturing, of course, not everyone does for various reasons, but then it’s good to enjoy time with soul family instead). Although this time of year is usually a time to slow down a little bit and enjoy life, that doesn’t mean that life stops up completely, and if you feel called to work on a passion project of some sort, or just wanting to work on improving yourself and the world around you in some fashion, it’s always a good time for that.

With the awakening and ascension of planet earth and humanity with it, the work never really stops. As everything is accelerating in that sense, and the more high frequencies of love and light are pouring in, the better the energy becomes to manifest the life we want to live, too. And that is one of the main goals of ascension, the way I see it. We’re rising up into a new way of life, where we live from the heart. If you’re one of those who feel like you’re here for a reason, and want to contribute to the world in some positive way (and I believe we’re all here for that, really), tuning into what gives you joy, what you’re passionate about, what lights up your heart, is a good first step in that direction.

When it comes to manifesting the life of our dreams, it’s not something that is done overnight, of course. It’s always a work in progress, and when we have achieved one thing, there’s always something else waiting around the corner. Something new to explore. So we’re never really done when it comes to creating an interesting and fulfilling life, however, let’s face it, most people, at least in the world we have been living in, haven’t been able to get anywhere near creating their dream life, because too many things have been in the way of that. First it’s our outer reality, that has only allowed so much within the restriction of a 3D world, but it has also been our inner reality, where most of us have patterns of thinking and behavior, as well as emotional blocks that are standing in the way of manifesting what we want.

However, all these things are changing now, and as the new and lighter frequencies are opening up to us, and the more we work on ourselves and release our blocks and heal our wounds, the more we’re able to manifest a beautiful reality, for ourselves first, and then for the community around us, and ultimately for the whole world. However, it all starts with ourselves. That may seem a little selfish, and I don’t mean to say that you should only focus on yourself in this, but you can always do the most good, and make a bigger difference when you are in a vibration of joy and love and in alignment with your soul. And the more you focus on that in yourself, the more that will spread to those around you and inspire others to do the same.

So turning inwards is the most important first step, and ongoing work really, because we all have many blocks and things to work through before we get to the love and bliss vibration on a constant basis, myself included. Yet the more you release, and the more you can overcome, the more synchronicity you will start to experience, and the less you have to push to achieve the things you want in life. The more your inner life is good, and you’re vibrating high, the more your outer world will start to reflect that, too. You will begin to attract people and circumstances that will help you manifest your dreams and fulfill your purpose in life. It’s really quite magical!

When we connect inwards, we also begin to understand that there is an inner world that is there to explore, and that is how we can connect to our higher Self, to our guides, to God, and the whole universe really, in a whole new way. The outer reality is not the only reality, and we can live the best life when we can spend time in both. Balance is always the goal, and spending too much time meditating and so forth is also not good, as we need to ground our inner experiences in the outer reality, too. But when we can use our inner guidance to maneuver our outer reality, and follow our heart, that is when the inner and outer reality becomes equally balanced and blissful!

So with that I wish you a beautiful and blissful June, and some magical manifestation! To get into the right frame of mind, and get into the best vibration for manifestation, you may find my manifestation meditation helpful. If you feel called to, you can purchase and download it here. As always, I send you much love & light!

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