See It – Feel It – Release It

Although it’s already been about a week and a half since the powerful lunar eclipse in Scorpio, the energy still lingers quite strongly. At least that is my experience, as I am still having old stuff come up to be cleared. Just this morning, I woke up early and felt some old memories from a past life in Egypt come up. As these memories appeared, I felt what I can only describe as “energetic jerks” at my heart chakra, that quite powerfully released some stuck energies there. I often feel these “jerks” in different parts of my body (most often at the heart center) whenever I’m clearing something out, but this particular experience was quite intense.

I’ve been working with this past life in Egypt quite a bit recently, as I’ve encountered someone that I have a karmic link to that dates back to this life. It was a bit of an important life for me and a turning point, as there was some major sexual wounding that took place in that life, and I also lost a lot of spiritual power in that process, which I am now working on restoring. My encounter with this person has helped bring up some of the wounds so that I can heal and release them, and I feel this is crucial for us both to complete the karmic cycle and heal some deep seated patterns that we both hold as a result of this life.

I have to say I find it so interesting and beautiful, actually, how we are guided to meet the people we need to meet on our ascension journey for our healing and spiritual growth, and this has been a particularly deep and powerful encounter. I’d be lying if I said it has been easy to deal with it all, as it certainly hasn’t, but I know and trust that it will all be worth it, when we can both we free of our karmic patterns that our previous encounter caused. I don’t feel that it’s quite complete yet, so I’m still not sure how it will all unfold, but the more I trust that I will be guided, and follow that guidance, the more things will fall into place. That has been my experience on my journey so far, and I’m sure it will still hold this time, as well.

One thing I discovered quite early on in my ascension journey, shortly after I had my kundalini awakening some years back, is the process in which we heal and are uplifted on this journey. Once we can see our own wounding and patterns clearly, which will be triggered in various ways on our journey (often by a twin flame, but also friends, family members and karmic connections), then strong emotions will often follow. Tears may come, perhaps some heaviness and grief, often anger, and certainly emotional pain in some way. Often various aspects of the same wound will appear over and over, peeling away the layers to get to the core. The process of seeing it, feeling it and then releasing it, is what makes the healing happen, and uplifts our frequency.

At the time of my kundalini awakening, my third eye center was strongly activated, which helped me see and know things on a deeper level, including some past life experiences, that have helped me heal many deep seated wounds. Once the triggers started happening, I realized I needed to just work through the issues, face them instead of pulling away, which is often our first inclination, and sit with the emotions until the process was complete. Then the wounds release on their own. The triggers can often can be quite unexpected, creating a kind of “soul shock”, which will bring up the energetic blockages, that are stuck in our body, and this can create some profound healing experiences.

I share my own experiences on my ascension journey, in the hopes that it may helps others that are having similar experiences, so that we can stand together and uplift each other in this at times daunting, yet beautiful process. The “see it – feel it – release it” sequence is something to get used to, I have found. The first “see it” step is of course to see the issue clearly, whether it is a behavioral or thought pattern, or some type of painful experience that you all of a sudden see clearly for what it is. Then an accompanying emotion will come up at the “feel it” stage, where you will usually feel some kind of heaviness, plus either grief, anger, sadness and other emotions that it’s important to allow to just be. Sit with them, and feel them fully. Once you do this, the emotions will release on their own. We may revisit the same wound from different angles time and again, but each time something gets released. This stage, the “release it” stage, will happen on its own, once you go through the other stages.

The most challenging aspect of this is sitting with the painful emotions, as none of us wants to feel pain. I certainly don’t, but as we have these wounds that we need to heal and clear, I have found there is no other way to release them. We have to see them, feel them and release them. But once we do, they’re gone for good, and we feel lighter and lighter, and more joy, peace and love after each time. So it’s worth it, although it can be quite tiring at times. So if you’re in such a process, be gentle and patient with yourself. Seek out help when you need it, and find likeminded people that can support and lift you up! You also have spiritual support and if you reach out, you can feel the love and encouragement from the other side, as well.

These times we’re in are intense, beautiful and at times chaotic, but we can get through them together to a beautiful new way of heart centered living that has never been experienced on earth before, of that I’m certain. I wish you all the best on your personal journey and with that I sign off for now. As always I send you much love and light!

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