How Triggers Can Help You Heal

So another Friday is here, and we’re in the midst of Eclipse season. Although that is coming to an end this weekend, with the potent blood moon eclipse in Scorpio that is sure to be intense! Just a regular full moon in Scorpio tends to be felt quite strongly, at least by yours truly, so a blood moon eclipse will be that much more powerful. Scorpio is a sign of transformation and tends to go deep to really shed layers, and bring us into a new and higher state of being. With Venus and Chiron also being active around this eclipse, being the planet of love and the wounded healer respectively, wounds around love and money may surface to be worked through, among other things.

With that kind of intensity, we are sure to experience triggers. I certainly have. Although there have been outer circumstances that have brought those triggers about for me this time around, I can’t say that the eclipse didn’t have something to do with it too. I feel this particular eclipse season has been more potent than usual for me, where I’ve been invited, once again, to feel into my wounds, and see where I’m allowing them to control me and my actions to some extent. It’s so easy to get drawn into victim mode when the triggers come, and attempt to manipulate your surroundings to cater to your wounds. Yet when you can go deeper and recognize your own reaction patterns within yourself, your triggers are a great opportunity to heal and make better choices in how to handle them.

Something that has become clear to me recently, is that I need to take charge of my own healing more, instead of just going through the motions, and allowing the status quo. I think I got into this habit of thinking that the universe would fix things for me. Granted, it often has in the past, when I’ve really needed it, but it seems I have come to a point now where I need to take care of things myself, not rely on outer circumstances to do so for me. This has meant for me to open up more about my traumas and what I’m dealing with at work, so that I can alleviate some stressors in that area that I’ve felt weighing on me for a while. And it has also meant to ask more directly what I need from people, and being more authentic and honest, even when it’s difficult to be so.

Someone pointed out to me recently how I tend to demand from others that they cater to my wounds. Well, this person didn’t say so specifically, but I have realized that it’s what I’ve been doing to some degree. This wasn’t something I was aware of, of course, but nothing tends to be able to point out our shortcomings and weak points better than our relationships to other people. My relationship to this person made me realize that I attempted to demand other people give me security, instead of finding it within myself. There can be no other way of course, other people can never do that for you, yet within our wounding we often try to manipulate circumstances and people to give us things that we really need to give ourselves. This was an important lesson for me, and I’m grateful to this person for not giving in to my demands, even if my wounded self revolted against it at first, of course.

When my own wounds get triggered, I tend to want to clutch on to people and situations, yet my ascension process tends to force me to do the opposite instead, and let go. This means letting go of patterns and ways of thinking that have been caused by my wounds. These lessons can be so hard to accept sometimes, yet there’s nothing that makes us grow more, when we do so. Mars and Neptune are two more planets that are in alignment during this blood moon eclipse, Mars being the planet of the warrior, and Neptune of spirituality and higher love. This I interpret as an energy conducive to fighting for a higher state of being, remembering that there are greater forces of love guiding us, and trusting that we’ll reach those higher states of love if we fight for it. Being a spiritual warrior and work through our wounds as we are guided by love, will help us get there!

So whatever wounds are being triggered around this eclipse and beyond for you, I trust that you will be able to work through them as you tap into your inner warrior and let love guide you. At the same time, be gentle with yourself and listen to your own needs, taking the steps you need to heal and transform, and coming into balance in a higher state when the dust settles. If you feel you need support in any way, to help you move through your various transformational stages, feel free to reach out. With that I wish you a beautiful, transformational blood moon eclipse, and as always…

Sending you much love & light!

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