Karmic Relationships, Self-Worth & Eclipse Season

Everything seems to be moving so fast these days, and already it has been a month since my last post. I try to write a new post every other Friday, but recently that hasn’t quite come to pass, as I feel there has been a lot happening for me, especially energetically, and many shifts have been taking place. When you’re in the midst of such big shifts, it can be a little bit difficult to see the bigger picture and write about it, so I feel it’s better to wait and let things settle a little bit first. I also spent Easter with my family and just took some time out from everything, enjoying some sun and skiing with my brother and his kids, which was good for the heart and soul, I feel. I definitely needed it!

But back to my blog topic… The energies have been intense, as usual, especially with the build-up to eclipse season (the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse is this Saturday, April 30th), and the last week and a half has been a bit of a rollercoaster energetically, as far as my life is concerned. I have come into contact with someone from my past recently, and I’ve realized that we have some karma to clear and complete from some past life events between us. I’ve found that karmic relationships tend to get a bad rap, especially in twin flame communities, but I truly believe that karmic relationships are a blessing and a beautiful opportunity for healing and releasing old patterns that no long serve us.

When two souls come together that may have wronged each other in the past, but are now ready to face this and heal once and for all, it can be a springboard to learning new lessons, to forgiveness and experiencing new levels of love. In fact, sometimes these meetings are crucial for us to get to the next step on our journey, for our spiritual growth, and we may not be able to reach certain levels of spiritual maturity without clearing past karma. Karmic meetings bring us this opportunity, and so I think it’s important to appreciate them. Although they can at times be challenging, once we learn to see the gifts in these relationships, and the lessons they present for us to learn, we understand that all relationships have something to give us, and that is when we can receive the gifts they bring.

One important lesson that I have learnt on my journey of ascension and spiritual growth in recent years, is that that more we can accept that life has its ups and downs and that both seemingly positive and seemingly negative events and people will bring us forward in equal measure, it becomes easier to go with the flow of life, and appreciate both the good and the so-called bad. Duality and contrast is an instigator for growth, and is how the universe and ourselves as individuals constantly expand, learn and grow, and so all our experiences can become lessons, if we treat them as such. Whenever an old wound comes up to be cleared, we may feel the pain of it quite keenly once again, but once the pain clears, we are brought up to a higher vibration than before, and more love and joy can be felt.

During this Taurus solar eclipse, Jupiter and Venus are quite active, bringing in and expanding energies of beauty and love. I have certainly been feeling into those energies quite a bit the last few days. In fact, I’d had a little trouble sleeping at times, because of the high that the energies have been giving me. Some of the karmic patterns that have come up for me to clear have been in relation to self-worth, about setting boundaries and not doing certain things just to please others or because you’re afraid of not being accepted if you don’t. However, I’ve experienced a big release around this karmic pattern recently, and once I felt the old wound lose its grip on me, I felt so free to let in these beautiful love energies that are on offer. It has truly been quite amazing! (I just have to ground these energies a little bit now, so that I don’t lose my footing… 😅.)

Taurus is a sign known to be associated with self-worth, so it’s no surprise that these issues are coming up at this time. Of course, it’s not a new theme for me on this journey at all, though, but one that I have visited time and again. Although I’m sure it’s not the last time I look at issues related to self-worth, I am celebrating the relief I feel after having cleared this major wound that just came up for me. The solar eclipse isn’t even here yet, and already I have benefited greatly from its energetic influence. But I’m sure there is more to come! With the lunar eclipse in Scorpio lurking around the corner, I don’t doubt it, as that is sure to bring in an intensely transformative experience.

However these energies are affecting you, make sure to always take good care of yourself, ground the energies as best you can (you can find some good suggestions and exercises for that here), and ride the waves of ascension with love and peace. If you need any help and support with this, feel free to explore working with me, or check out some of my meditations. With that I wish you a happy eclipse season, and as a always…

Sending you much love & light,

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