New Astrological Year – New Beginnings

Our calendrical new year began back on January 1st, however, I have found, especially in recent years, that I don’t particularly respond to the new year beginning in January. It feels too soon to me, and as I live in Norway, that time of year is in the middle of winter, when nature and our bodies are more at rest, hibernating if you will, taking some time out. Winter is a time of stillness, reflection and going within to a large degree, so I am more in tune with the new year beginning with the astrological new year, which comes with the March equinox and Aries season, when Spring is right around the corner, and nature is coming out of its slumber, ready to germinate and set the stage for new growth, new adventures and explorations.

As winter is a time of rest and going inwards, it’s a good time to reflect on what has been and integrate any lessons learned, as well as starting to think about what we may want to explore in the year/season to come. Beginning to think about some broad intentions can be a good idea at this point, but we may not have full clarity until the energies of Spring start to take form. I’ve noticed the past couple of years, that shifts have taken place right around the Spring equinox (northern hemisphere), and this time seems to set the stage for the year to come, and the themes that I am to focus on.

Last year, I felt a major heart opening taking place, that brought down, to a large degree, the wall I had built around my heart. I gained access to some deeply buried emotions, especially a lot of grief and sadness, and spent the majority of the year releasing and clearing this grief, shedding a lot of tears along the way. Yet, I didn’t really have a sense of heaviness as I was doing this. It felt mostly cleansing, and uplifting, getting me more in touch with the love within, at the core of my heart. I actually felt a lot of gratitude at times, to the process, and for the opportunity to heal these deep seated wounds from the past.

At the beginning of this new year, I began to feel a new energy coming in. It felt very open, I could feel a lot of light, like the road was clear, and there was nothing to hold us back. Actually, I felt this mostly on a collective level to start, but I also felt it was time for me to get back into the world, and start to make changes in my physical reality. Yet, there were still some energetic blocks that needed to be cleared, before I could move ahead. In February I had a bit of a deep dive, where I went quite deep and cleared out some old gunk and trauma from the past. Nothing new about this, as it’s something I have done many times over the past few years, yet this time I also felt different. It really felt like a turning point, as though I had been through the worst of my healing, and from then on, I would be moving up into higher energies with a readiness to shift my life for the better, and start to do my real work in the world.

I was a bit afraid to believe in this feeling at first, as I have wanted to be done with this process for so long, and so many times, when I have released something major, I have felt like I must be done, only to turn the corner, and another major deep dive was required. I don’t mean to say that I am entirely done with my healing process, as there are still things I need to work through, I know that. Yet I am noticing now, finally, that I feel less and less obstacles energetically, that are holding me back from moving forward with what I want to do and accomplish this year. I’ve been going slow to begin with, but feel that I’m starting to pick up steam, and ready to begin to work with other people, and not just constantly working on myself. I’m feeling the urge to be more social, coming out of my hermit stage, and I’ve decided to begin to put on some sound healing workshops in the area where I live.

I’m investing in some new sound healing instruments, which I’m very excited about, and I can’t wait to try to them out on myself, and others, too. With each new step I take, there are of course, always some fears, some doubt that get triggered, but this time, compared to at earlier stages in my process, the energy, the doubts, the fears, or perhaps more than anything else, confusion, don’t seem to be stopping me. And that is a major change, and I’m so happy to finally be experiencing that. I’m sure there will still be some “two steps forward, one step back” moments, as is always the case in life, but I do feel that a new phase has truly begun for me, and I’m excited (and a little nervous, of course), of what it will bring! But being forever the optimist, I trust that it will be good, and new opportunities for growth and learning are coming my way.

With the Aries new moon right around the corner, and no major planets in retrograde, it really feels like the universe is backing up the feeling of moving “full steam ahead”. So I hope that you also can tap into the energy of new beginnings these days, and use this energy to kickstart your projects and move ahead in your own journey, whatever that looks like for you!

I wish you all the best with that, and as always…

Sending you much love & light!

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