Your Mission – A State of Mind

So it’s been a minute since I last wrote anything on my blog. We’re half way into March, and the craziness continues, both physically and energetically. 🤪 Actually, I choose to look at things in a positive light, though, and believe that all that’s going on both in my personal life and in the world, is a result of the ascension process that we’re all in at the moment. Although things may seem crazy on the surface, I think it’s really a reflection of things coming to the surface to be looked at, cleared and healed. When our shadow side comes into the light, both on a personal and collective level, it gives us an opportunity to both see what is there so that we can can know what has been holding us back, but also so that we can see our dysfunctional patterns and change them going forward.

As our beautiful planet is becoming even more beautiful through the transformational process of ascension, it is time to let go of old ways of thinking and old behavior, so that we can align more with love, truth and light. I have been in a process of doing just that for a few years now, that I have written many posts about already. This process has many phases, and I feel that I’m moving into yet another new phase right now. As we’re moving out of the winter slumber and slowly coming into Spring, at least here in the northern hemisphere, where I live, I also feel that I’m slowly coming out of my own personal “winter”, and that it’s time to let all the inner shifts that I’ve been experiencing manifest themselves in the outer also.

During this ascension journey of mine, I have been invited to open up to many new ways of being, feeling and thinking. It started out with being guided to the concept of twin flames, and that has been an important part of the process I’ve been in, both in initiating me into higher vibrations of love and peace, but also sending me into the deepest depths of my own unresolved pain and traumas. To say it has been a roller coaster is putting it mildly, but with everything I’ve learnt, I feel that it may be time to share some of this on a bigger scale, so I intend to slowly but surely, through this year of 2022, begin to do just that through my own vehicle of choice, music and sound healing.

One of the areas that I have spent quite a bit of time pondering during my journey, is the concept of having a mission. In the spiritual community in general, there is a lot of talk about the “twin flame mission” or the “starseed mission”. As I believe that I am both a star seed and a twin flame, and since I was also shown early on in my ascension process that I did come here to earth during this time (together with many others) to help in the spiritual awakening and ascension of humanity, I have felt a bit of pressure sometimes, feeling that I should be doing more than what I’ve been doing so far. While I do still believe that it’s true that I’m here for a reason, I also believe that it’s an important step in the process to realize that I (and others) don’t really “have to” do anything.

An astrologer that I follow, said in one of her recent astrological updates ( I believe it was in connection with the Leo full moon in February), that we have this idea that living our purpose must be directly connected to our career and work in the world. While it can of course be, and I think a lot of us, myself included, would like for it to be, I also think that our mission, or purpose, in life is a lot more than just that. This astrologer suggested that our purpose was more of a state of mind, or state of being, rather than something that we achieve. In my own experience I have found that the more we are in alignment with who we are, our own truth, our soul, the more we are in alignment with our purpose too. So our job is to remove all the blocks and walls that are standing in the way of that alignment.

Of course, another important aspect that we’re often told about when it comes to manifesting our goals, is that we need to let go of any attachment to the outcome, meaning what we want to manifest. This expression is beginning to make more and more sense to me, as I’ve been clearing out my own obstacles to living my truth and my purpose. Lately, I feel that I have turned a corner in my process, and I feel that there is less and less “stuff” that is bogging me down, or standing in the way of me moving forward. Earlier on, when I still had a lot of old “gunk” to release and clear, I often felt a bit of a heaviness or just a general block to moving forward with my goals and what I wanted to be doing. At the same time I also felt that I “should” be doing more and felt unhappy with my life in general.

I’ve come to realize though, that the more I release the old pain and trauma that have been blocking me, the more I’m happy with my life and myself as I am, and don’t really need to do anything. That’s not to say that I don’t want to do all those things that I’ve always dreamt about doing, but before I felt a pressure that I “had to” do them, because I “had to” fulfill my mission, instead of just focusing on doing them because I enjoy them. I now understand that I really don’t “have to” do anything, but instead focus on just doing things out of joy and inspiration. The more we can do that, the more we can do what we came here to do, help uplift the world in our unique way, through love and joy, as there really can be no other way. We spread love and joy through being in love and joy, and we are in love and joy, when we do what gives us love and joy. One begets the other.

So letting go of this feeling that we “have to” do anything, and really just let go of the idea that we have a mission altogether, is setting us free to do what we want to do in this life, and align us with our soul’s truth. At the core of our soul is love, joy and creativity, and by expressing that in our own unique way, we fulfill our mission and align with our purpose, yet then we’re not even really worried about needing to fulfill any particular mission. So the moral of the story… is to keep clearing and working on ourselves until we reach the point where we get out of our own way, and can begin to enjoy life and work at what gives us energy, instead of giving our energy away to work that doesn’t give us joy. That is where I’m at more and more now, and that is what I wish for you too. If you feel you need help in getting there, feel free to explore working with me and see if that feels like a good fit.

With that, I wish you a beautiful day, and until next time…

Sending you much love & light!

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