Attracting + Manifesting through the Power of Love

We’re already in February and the Chinese New Year was celebrated earlier in the week. We’re out of Venus retrograde, and as of yesterday, also Mercury has gone direct. Right now none of the major planets are in retrograde, and so the energies are conducive to moving forward in a big way. Personally, I feel that I still want to go a little bit easy, though. I do feel that this is my year to take big leaps forward. I have some goals that I want to reach and I feel that the energy is in alignment with this. I feel that the deep process I’ve been in the past five years or so is starting to ease up finally, as I’m not as triggered anymore by the themes that I’ve been working on.

I’ve been feeling really tired lately, though, and have been feeling the need to get some rest and recover my strength from all the work I’ve been doing on myself. As luck would have it, I got two weeks off work at the moment, as some work shifts got moved around. Initially I felt that with this extended time off I need to get moving on all the things I want to get done, but I instead feel the need to just do nothing. I’ve been feeling a bit of a push to release the final remnants of pain and grief from the major issues I’ve been dealing with, and so I’ve decided that I need to take things slow, and not push myself so much.

I’ve always felt this inclination, and I’m sure I’m not alone, to push ahead when I feel that I’m clear on what I want and my path forward. Yet, if there’s something experience has taught me, is that pushing can be quite a strenuous and stressful way of doing things. It has its place, of course, sometimes we have to give things a push to move ahead, and taking inspired action is a necessary step of manifesting what we want. Yet pushing to achieve things, I’ve come to find, is mostly unnecessary. I believe this idea that we need to push and work so hard (and stress!) comes from the imbalance that we’ve had between the masculine and feminine energies here on earth. The masculine way of action taking has been favored, and many of us have forgotten the value of the feminine way of slowing down, allowing and attracting through the vibration of love.

In the past, whenever I’ve felt inspired and gotten clear on what I want, I’ve moved full steam ahead. Usually, I have found myself pushing ahead too much, though, feeling like I needed to get to where I wanted right away, and then ended up burnt out and essentially having gotten nowhere. Or even if I did move ahead somewhat, the stress it caused me to to get there, was hardly worth it. There’s a sense of anxiety in doing things this way, and you don’t really get to enjoy the process of getting where you want when you’re so busy getting ahead all the time. So this year, I’ve decided to do things a little differently. I will take things slow, not putting pressure on myself and thinking about all the things I should be doing, feeling like it’s never enough, or I should be further along. And most importantly, I will focus on enjoying the journey.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things that we want to achieve, and so often we focus on all the things that we have to do, but forget to actually have fun along the way. I know I have certainly been guilty of that, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I also think that if we can slow down and follow our inner guidance, our heart, in all things, the better we will feel, and the better the end result will be too. I think this lifestyle we have developed of having to achieve things all the time, “getting ahead” and chasing “success” is causing us stress and ill health, both physically and mentally. Life is about so much more than pursuing and achieving. It’s also about enjoyment and pleasure, laughter and fun. It’s so important to find balance in this. Goals are important of course, but not to the detriment of our life and health.

Living a successful life is ultimately, as far as I’m concerned, about love, about following your heart and being true to your self, doing what is in alignment with your soul. So that is my goal for this year, 100% commitment to myself and making my journey about that. Enjoying my life as I work towards my goal, eliminating stress as much as possible, and have fun on the journey. God knows it’s been a lot of heavy lifting in this process of mine these past few years, but now I’m ready to reap the fruits of my labor and start to enjoy my life more, laugh more and love more (myself included).

I hope this inspires you to slow down a bit too, and focus more on enjoying the journey to wherever you’re heading, not just getting there. Take care of yourself, and have fun, doing what your heart inspires of you! With that I sign off for this time. Hope you have a wonderful day, and as always…

Sending you much love & light,

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