Connecting to Your Intuition with the Third Eye Chakra

We’ve just come out of a potent eclipse season, with a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, followed by a new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Although the energies from that are settling down somewhat, I feel personally that I’m still working through some things that came up, although the intensity has lessened quite a bit. Now, of course, the energies are building up towards the full moon in Gemini on December 18/19, and the Solstice on December 21. There is also another Saturn – Uranus square on Christmas Eve, so lots of things happening in the skies that are sure to affect us in many different ways.

It’s important to try and stay grounded and calm as much as possible (not easy with everything going on, I know), yet at the same time work through anything that comes up for you of old traumas, pain and stuck energies that may want to be released. Navigating these crazy times we’re in becomes much easier when we can get still and go within. Shutting out the noise of the outside world, and tune into our own inner voice, is key to this. When we can get in touch with our own inner guidance system, our intuition (that we all have), and follow that voice, life in general becomes easier. The more we do it, the more we realize that there is a deeper wisdom and knowledge within us, that we can tap into and that will not lead us astray. The third eye chakra is the energy center that connects us to this part of ourselves, and in this blog post we will dive a little deeper into what this chakra is all about…

The third eye chakra is located in the middle of your forehead, between the eye brows, and is known as the Ajna chakra in Sanskrit, which means “to perceive” or “to command”. Physically it governs our face, eyes, nose, certain parts of the brain, our central nervous system and the pituitary gland, our master gland. This gland regulates the entire endocrine system, which is our internal messaging system in the body, where glands produce hormones to regulate bodily functions. The two upper chakras are traditionally not associated with any specific elements or senses, although the sense of vision and inner sight (also known as the sixth sense), and the element of light has been linked to them. Traditionally the third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo, but as in most of the other chakras, other colors can definitely also be seen at this center.

This chakra is our connection to our intelligence, but perhaps even more importantly, our inner wisdom and intuition. Understanding and honoring our ability to connect to a deeper knowing and inner guidance, and of course following that guidance, is important here. As this center is the gateway to higher levels of perception, once activated it may open you up to psychic abilities and telepathy, which are very real abilities, although our society has a tendency to ridicule such notions. Our dreams and imagination are linked with this energy center, and through them we can gain a deeper access to our own soul and hence our inner wisdom and guidance. The functional archetype is the Intuitive, and is someone who lives from a place of deep trust, has the gift of clairvoyance and holds the belief that all experience is ultimately good and for our benefit, trusting in a benign and loving universal power.

When the third eye chakra comes out of balance, it can manifest in a myriad of ways. Any physical ailments always start energetically, and so any issues in the aforementioned physical organs, may be connected to an unbalanced third eye chakra. An underactive third eye chakra may manifest as having trouble making plans or setting goals, poor vision and memory, narrow mindedness, being in denial (not seeing the truth), unable to visualize the future and a lack of imagination. When this chakra is blocked we lack trust in our intuition, and may miss out on important signs and guidance. A third eye chakra with overactive energy may show up as paranoia, hallucinations, obsession with psychic visions, a tendency to space out, difficulty concentrating, and be troubled with nightmares. Our intuition becomes distorted and we often end up seeing a deeper meaning in anything and everything, living in a fantasy world. The Intellectual is the dysfunctional archetype, and is overly caught up in the mental, “left-brain” realm, to the detriment of the deeper wisdom of the intuition. Often full of worry and lacks trust in the deeper mysteries of the universe.

Paying attention to our dreams is a good way to connect to our inner life, and may help us to explore our relationship between our conscious and unconscious mind. We can also explore this relationship through “awakened dreams”, such as through hypnosis and with the help of shamanic (or spiritual) journeying, guiding us to access altered states of mind. To activate the third eye chakra, any meditation is great, but especially visualization using the mind’s eye, and focusing on quiet down the mind and any racing thoughts. Meditations where the eyes are focused at the brow point or at the tip of the nose also helps balancing this center and activate the pituitary gland. Working with crystals such as amethyst, ametrine, iolite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, Chinese rainbow fluorite, tanzanite, azurite and sugilite is great. Essential oils such as lavender, frankincense and juniper are nice to diffuse or wear on the third eye chakra point.

Meditating on the third eye chakra, and spending time reflecting on your life and how your soul may be speaking to you through signs and symbols, and also how you may be ignoring your inner guidance and intellectualizing your own reality, are good ways to activate and strengthen it. Here is a simple meditative exercise utilizing visualization that you can do to connect with the energy of the third eye chakra, and help you connect with your inner voice:

Sitting comfortably, softly close your eyes, and focus your awareness at Ajna, the third eye point. Concentrate on this spot and visualize a silver flame. Sit quietly contemplating this symbol resting in your third eye as your daily meditation. In time, it will begin to open up your third eye chakra and you will begin to open more easily to expanded states of consciousness. Here, you leave behind everyday thinking reality and enter the timeless world of Spirit. Here you see the great reality, the truth of how things are.

I hope this gives you some deeper insights into the third eye chakra and how you can activate it and strengthen its vibration. I wish you all the best in exploring your own third eye center, and with that I’ll wrap up my post for this time. I hope you have a wonderful day, and as always, I send you much love & light!

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