Flowing with the Sacral Chakra

We had a bit of weather shift earlier this week, here in Oslo, Norway, where it got quite a bit colder over night. I like the changing of the seasons, and after I got out some warm scarves and coats, I didn’t mind the weather change one bit. Except my body felt it a little, I have to admit. There was a hint of a sore throat, that thankfully went away the next day, but I have been feeling a little bit run down over the last few days. Tie that in with the constantly shifting energies, and I’ve felt the need to slow down a bit, and do some loving self-care. In that spirit, I ended up cooking up a batch of nice, hot vegetable soup, which was delicious, and just perfect for this time of year!

I decided to shift to a bi-weekly schedule for my posts (that is, every other week), in order to slow down a bit, and also focus more on connecting with my local community. Myself and a friend decided to start up regular meetings with awake and aware people in the area, to see if we cannot create some new, positive projects that are anchored within the new energies on this planet. We had our first meeting this past weekend, and it was very rewarding, and just great to connect with likeminded, high-vibing individuals. All this goes right along with our time in Libra season right now, where the focus is on balance, as well as collaboration. And as I will continue the theme of working my way up the chakras, and the sacral chakra being this week’s topic, self-care is also very relevant. So let’s jump right in, shall we…

The sacral chakra is located an inch or two below the navel, in the area of a woman’s womb (if you’re a man it’s still in that area even if you don’t have a womb), and is known as the Svadisthana chakra in Sanskrit, which means “dwelling place of the Self”. Physically it governs our sex organs and reproductive system, the gonad glands (testes in men, ovaries in women), as well as our hips, and the fluid elements of the body, including the blood, urine, menstrual flow and seminal fluids. It is associated with the element of water, the sense of taste and traditionally linked with the color orange, although just as with the root chakra, many other colors can also be found within this energy center.

The sacral chakra is the seat of the feminine, or yin consciousness (inherent in both men and women), and is guided by the divine feminine symbols of the moon, water and the goddess. When exploring the depths and mysteries of this chakra (the functional archetype is the Empress), we may connect with many (sometimes contradictory) aspects of the feminine; the sensual, the nurturing, the seductive, the untamed, the wild, the ferocious, the creative, the devouring and the savoring. The energy of this chakra is connected to our emotions (that tend to ebb and flow, like water), and sexuality. A sense of intimacy and connectedness, as well as pleasure (that goes beyond sexual pleasure, but includes that, too) are all wrapped up in the essence of a balanced sacral chakra. Nurturing ourselves and enjoying life are key words when it comes to this energy center.

When the sacral chakra becomes out of balance, it can manifest in a myriad of ways. Any physical ailments always start energetically, and so any issues in the aforementioned physical organs, may be connected to a deficient sacral chakra. Those with deficient energy at this chakra may find themselves cut off from their emotions, experience self-deprivation or denial of pleasure, lack of desire and passion, sexual repression and having difficulty connecting with others. Those with an overactive sacral chakra may be overly emotional or sensitive, experience extreme mood wings, an excessive sex drive, strong cravings, compulsive behavior, bodily tension or emotional dependency that may result in perpetual states of crises. The dysfunctional archetype for this center is the Martyr, and so self-denial and self-imposed suffering is the name of the game when this chakra is unbalanced.

In order to heal this chakra, it is important to allow your emotions to flow through you, both joyful as well as painful feelings. As human beings we have a tendency to bury unpleasant emotions, not letting them come to the surface. In the same manner we also often deny ourselves the experience of pleasure, as we get bogged down by life’s stresses and challenges. Once you allow yourself to feel fully, and release the energy of repressed emotions, you can experience an inner calm and start to appreciate the pleasure and the sweetness of life. Great ways to help balance this chakra, is practicing any form of dance, but especially with sensual movements focusing around the hip area (belly dance is perfect for this!). Hip-opening and yoga flow sequences are also good, as well as working with crystals such as carnelian, tiger eye, tiger ore and amber. Essential oils such as jasmine, sandalwood or neroli are nice to diffuse or wear on the sacral chakra point below the navel.

Meditating on the sacral chakra, and exploring how you may be acting like a martyr in your life, are good ways to clear and heal it, as well as reflecting on how you can embrace your inner Empress. Here is a simple emotional release exercise that you can do to connect with the energy of the sacral chakra:

If possible, for this exercise, stand on soil, sand or grass or any place that connects you to nature. If you can only do this exercise indoors, visualize yourself standing in a setting in nature. Hold your arms by your side and point your fingers down towards the earth. Visualize all the energies that are not yours leaving your body and energy field. See this energy flowing downwards and out through your fingers into the earth where they can be transformed. When it feels like all the energy has been released, shake out your hands and either hold them under a running tap, or plunge them into water. To finish, create a circle of protection around yourself using your hands and visualizing white light. Rest for a few moments with your hands interlaced in your lap. Breathe into your sacral chakra.

I hope this gives you some deeper insights into the sacral chakra and how you can activate it and strengthen its vibration. I wish you all the best in exploring your own feminine, sacral chakra, and with that I’ll wrap up my post for this week. I hope you have a wonderful day, and as always, I send you much love & light!

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