Shadow Work for Radical Healing

It’s the last Friday of September, and we’re gearing up for what is sure to be an intense month of October, on many levels. Astrologically, we have a lot of planets turning direct, so that will provide some shifts and more forward momentum. Mars is very active, which is the warrior planet, so expect a lot of fiery energy to be on hand. We’ll see what all this translates to in the physical, but I have a feeling October will not be a quiet month, and we may see both positive and negative events unfold. The work of awakening humanity and ascension continues both on a personal and planetary level, and I believe we’re entering a pivotal phase and things are ramping up.

Shadow work is an inevitable part of an ascension journey, and as we are confronted with our own personal shadows, this is also happening on a collective level. What we’ve seen unfolding in the last year and a half has been slowly revealing our collective shadow and what has been going on behind the curtain, so to speak, and continues to do so. It is being brought into the light so that we can release it and clear it once and for all. Many are awake to that at this point, many are not. But I believe it will become more and more apparent going forward and will be more and more undeniable.

As I’ve been on a personal ascension journey for some time now, I can draw many parallels from that to what is happening in the world. In fact, that was what helped me to awaken to what is going on in the world in the first place. It was the understanding that as I had a personal shadow, it must be so on a collective level as well, and so I began digging, and found out about many of the things that have been going on below the surface on our planet. We all have our own awakening journey, and the way I see it there are two ways of awakening, one is to your spiritual nature, the other one is to the truth of what is happening in the physical world around us. The two are interconnected, and to be fully awakened you have to be awake and aware of both.

Spiritual awakening is related to understanding who you truly are, as more than just a physical body, but a soul that is incarnating and have had many lives on this planet and possibly others. It awakens you to your personal connection to divine source (which is unconditional love), to your own personal power and to the truth of who and what we are deep down. Once the awakening begins, and we begin to align more and more with our inner being, our soul, which is pure love at its core, anything that is not in alignment with that, will begin to rise to the surface. This will put us face to face with our own wounds, our shortcomings and our traumas, or in other words, our shadow. And as within, so without. As this is happening to more and more of us on a personal level, and we begin to shed light on our own shadow, this also happens on a planetary level, and our collective shadow is rising to the surface, so that we can see the truth. We cannot live in a love-based world, which is where we’re heading, if we have ghosts hanging around in our closets, and so it all has to come out so we can transmute it and heal. This is happening now to all of humanity, and is a very intense process, hence all the confusion and chaos we’re experiencing.

Much of this is happening without us doing much on a personal level to instigate it, and it may feel as though we do not have much control over it. But we are able to do more than we may at times think. First of all, knowing that this is what’s going on and trying to ride the waves instead of fighting them, is a good start. When fears, pain and tears rise to the surface, as they inevitably will, instead of giving in to the temptation of pushing these feelings back down, allow them to be. Breathe through it as best you can, meditate, allow the tears to flow, and take care of yourself the best you can. Feel whatever you’re feeling, both the good and the bad. Don’t act on the bad feelings, though, just sit with them, and they will eventually clear. This work will also include setting strong boundaries and standing in your power, working through any fears or resistance that come up in relation to that too.

Shadow work is a way of practicing radical self-love. The idea is that in order for us to become whole and happy in our lives, we need to be able to love ourselves completely, including those parts of us that may not be so lovable. We need to learn to love both the good and so-called bad sides of our personality, as we work on improving ourselves. It’s about shining a light on all aspects of our being, and learn to love ourselves despite the bad or stupid things we may have done in the past, and still do, and things in our past experience that we may be ashamed of. It includes forgiving ourselves for what we have done to hurt ourselves and others in the past, and release it once and for all.

This is also something we need to practice towards each other, I believe. For our planet and humanity to truly heal and rise into a love vibration, we need to put a stop to the bad practices that have been happening in the shadows, to create new systems that are based in love, not fear and control, and we also have to, when all is said and done, forgive and let go. But that last part cannot happen until the dark and heinous deeds and their perpetrators have been stopped. What is important is that we let love lead the way, both on a personal level and on a collective level. Follow the heart in all ways, and I believe we will be fine in the end.

I hope this gives you something to think about it and helps to put things into perspective in these crazy times we’re in. As we all do our shadow work, be patient with yourself and others, and remember that we’re all in this together. I always attempt to give messages of love and hope, and this is no different. I feel deep in my heart that humanity will be fine, better than fine, but it will be a bumpy road ahead. Let’s stay strong, work together, with love, as much as possible.

With that, I send you as always, much love and light!

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