A Journey Back To Love

So another week has gone by, and Fall is well and truly here, at least for us here in Oslo, Norway. It’s been getting noticeably colder this past week, and we’ve had some rain. I always kind of liked Fall, as I think the shorter days and the dusky rain can be kind of cozy. Especially if you can be inside with a lit fire. Not that I have a fireplace where I live right now, but still enjoy the idea of it. It has been somewhat of an emotional week for me, as my ascension process continues unabated. Every time I feel like I’m having a breakthrough, and feel things are falling into place, I get thrust into another round of healing, it seems. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating, because I feel I have things I want to do in the world at this time to help humanity, but at the same time I feel a little bit held back by this process. Although I understand that the healing process I’m in also in its own way helps the collective, but I want to do more. Well, I trust it will come in time…

As far as my healing process goes, though, yesterday was quite an intense day for me. As I have mentioned in some previous posts (if you have read any of those), my ascension journey is also a twin flame journey, and a large part of my healing has been triggered through my connection to my twin flame. I have been through many phases at this point in my journey, but this year, I have noticed a difference at the heart level. I’ve come to realize that I’ve had a wall around my heart, the result of being hurt countless times both in this life and past lives. A lot of the things that happened the first couple of years in my twin flame connection served to break down this wall, and now my heart is a lot more open, which is great, although it also makes me feel a bit exposed and vulnerable. My grief is also a lot more palpable, because of this wall being gone. Although that can be difficult, I ultimately think it’s a good thing, as I’m actually able to feel what I’m feeling more fully now, including expressing my grief fully, so that it can be healed.

As I was lying in bed yesterday morning, some things came up in relation to my twin flame. Let’s face it, some things my twin has done have hurt me deeply. I realize that may not have been intentional on his part, but nevertheless, it still hurt. Much of that had to happen of course, because it brought up underlying wounds that I needed to heal, and I’m grateful for that. I realized, however, that because of our intense connection and our propensity to trigger each other, I have also somewhat closed down my heart to him. This has resulted in me not being able to love myself, too, since I am him and he is me. So I realized that I needed to open my heart to him, despite the pain that he has caused. When I did so, a lot of tears flowed, but I was able to reach a new level of forgiveness, both towards myself and towards him, and it elevated my vibration to a new level. I could also feel my heart expand, almost like it was reborn in a very intense and emotional process.

So much of the ascension journey is about finding balance, and healing your inner feminine and your inner masculine is a big part of that. We all have both masculine and feminine energy within us, regardless of what gender we’re born as, and most of us have had previous lives as both genders, where our inner masculine and feminine have been hurt. We also pick up the collective consciousness whenever we incarnate on a planet, and since the masculine and feminine have been so unbalanced on earth for a long time, that is reflected in our own energy makeup. As I sometimes experience my twin as my inner masculine as well, the process that I went through yesterday morning, helped me to heal my inner masculine, and find more balance between my own inner masculine and feminine. So once again, I’m more at peace than ever, and I expect to feel that more and more in the coming days, as things energetically fall into place.

As we’re approaching the Fall equinox, which is next week (September 22/23), we’re reminded to seek balance in the inner and outer world. In my own experience, I can actually see some things balancing themselves out in the other world, although things are still a bit crazy. Some good things are happening, but also some bad things. With the equinox, though, the day and night is of equal length, and I see that as a beautiful symbol of the world of duality that we live in, and reminding us of the importance of finding balance. We live in a world that is made up of polarities, and these polarities reflect themselves in all kinds of ways throughout our lives and on our planet. Night and day, yin and yang, spiritual and physical, feminine and masculine are all examples. I have come to find that the journey of ascension is very much about transcending these polarities, and reach the balancing point (a zero point if you will), or neutral space beyond. And this zero point or neutral space is unconditional love.

This is beautifully reflected within our chakra system, and the way that I have come to understand that system in the past few years. In the traditional chakra system we have 7 chakras (there are more chakras, but those are the basic ones in the physical body that most systems work with). The three lower chakras, the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, are associated with the physical realm, and the three upper chakras, the throat, third eye and crown chakras, are associated with the spiritual realm. In the center, located between these upper and lower triangles as they are also known as, is the heart center. It represents the balancing point between the two polarities of the physical and spiritual. There are also chakras that are more masculine or feminine in nature. The solar plexus chakra represents the masculine energy of discipline, structure and outward focus and the sacral chakra represents the feminine energy of flow, pleasure and inward focus.

The masculine and the feminine, the spiritual and the physical energies all converge at the heart center, and when everything is in balance and your heart chakra is clear and open, that is when you can access the power and the peace of the unconditional love that is there. Or said in another way, the heart chakra is the zero point, or neutral space within you. Once your chakras are balanced and the masculine and feminine energies within you merge, you transcend duality, and unconditional love is yours. That is something I’m feeling more and more on my journey, and after my experience yesterday, and after some tears and pain that inevitably needed to be released, more love flowed into my heart than ever before.

The journey back to love is a hero’s journey in many ways, one that takes you through the shadows and the light both within and without. But once you get out the other side, you find a sparkling new and beautiful version of yourself (or realize that’s who you were all along!). I hope that through sharing my own experiences I can help others in finding their way back to the love within and the ultimate truth of who they are. We’re all love at our core, and balancing and healing your own masculine and feminine is an important part of finding inner union, which is a balanced and neutral heart. That is how true peace, love and joy will find you, and connect you back to Divine Source, which is the ultimate source of love, and connects us all.

I hope this post inspires you to open your heart to more love, to heal your inner masculine and feminine, to bring you closer to your own connection to love. With that, I wish you a wonderful day, and send you so much love and light!

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