Raise Your Vibration, Stand in Your Truth

I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop overlooking the harbor and the Oslo fjord. Although it’s early fall, it’s a beautiful day here in the capital of Norway, and we’re enjoying a last few days of summer before the cold sets in. There are quite a few people walking around outside, enjoying the sun, and it’s nice to have a relatively open society, with no masks in site. It’s in stark contrast to the setting this past winter, when everything was closed down and you could walk through the streets of Oslo and barely meet another human being. I hope we won’t get to experience that again.

I honestly love this planet, with its beautiful nature, its people, its animals and different cultures. It’s all so unique and special, yet I don’t think we (as in the human race) have been able to fully appreciate it, myself included. I’ve come to understand more and more in recent years how our planet and humanity has been trapped in a lower vibration, a lower consciousness for a very long time. Now we’re finally coming out of that, and we’re slowly (or perhaps not so slowly anymore) awakening to our own power and sovereignty, to the truth of who we really are and perhaps most importantly, to love.

The way I see it, the old consciousness is one that has been steeped in fear, and kept us in a prison of our own discontent. We’ve gone about our lives, many of us trapped in relationships, in jobs or in other situations where we were unhappy. Perhaps we’ve been told to keep our head down and be happy with what we’ve got, after all it could be worse… While the latter is usually true, that doesn’t mean that we should settle for a mediocre existence. Previously though, there was only so much we could do to change things around, as we could only change things to the extent that the vibrational level or consciousness we lived in allowed for. Now, however, a whole new level of vibration is available to us, which means that we’re able to grow and open up to a completely new way of living, that has not been available to us before.

The accelerated ascension process, that is taking us to a new level of consciousness, is one that affects each of us on an individual level, but also on a collective level. As the entire planet is ascending, it means that there is no longer room for people or organizations that are stuck in an old paradigm, an old consciousness, or in other words, a low vibration. The good news are that we’re all being invited to step into the new consciousness. Everyone gets an opportunity to come along to new earth, and as long as that is in alignment with their soul, they can choose it. But it has to be the choice of each individual person, each soul.

From my point of view, what is happening in the world with the virus, the lockdowns and the vaccinations, is a lot more than what it may seem like on the surface, and has many levels to it. Yes, there is a virus that we’re fighting, but I don’t believe it is nearly as dangerous as the media and the authorities make it out to be. How it is all being handled though, is all helping to expose the old consciousness, as well as those who want to hang on to fear and control at all costs. Yet it has also served as an opportunity to slow down, to look deeper into our own lives, and allowing new ways of thinking to arise. It has served as an awakener to many people of how life on earth, and many of its structures and systems are not to our benefit, and I believe many of them will crumble in the months and years to come.

I believe it will become more and more apparent in the near future, how our world will never be the same, and that we need to choose love over fear, freedom over control, and sovereignty over subservience if we want to ascend to the new consciousness. Soon there will be no room for the old energy, but don’t worry, we will all have plenty of time to make our choice. It’s not too late. The old and the new energy will live side by side for a while, so that more can awaken to what is really going on, and make their choice. Stepping into the new can feel scary though, as we have to make choices that may mean our lives will be turned upside down. Perhaps we have to let go of old friends and family, if not forever, at least for some time, as well as our jobs and other means of security that we’ve relied on. But rest assured that new avenues will open up, and you will be fine. The universe, and the new energy will support your move, as long as you stand in your truth and keep your vibration high.

As my headline to this blog post suggests, “raise your vibration and stand in your truth” is a good mantra to live by during these chaotic times, I think. It’s what we must do to “survive” right now, in my opinion. But we must make sure we do it with love and humility. We’re all in this together, so let’s be patient with each other and show each other love, yet stand firm in our boundaries at the same time. And let’s support each other! A completely new journey unfolds before us, so let’s walk it together. We now have an opportunity to create something new, something beautiful. Let’s do it together, and welcome in the love and the new consciousness with open arms.

I hope this gives you something to ponder, and I will be back with more. I wish you a beautiful day, and as always, send you so much love & light!

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