Manifesting A New Reality

When I woke up this morning I felt a wave of joy wash over me. Not sure where it came from, but it felt like a reassurance that everything is moving along as it should, both for myself personally, but also for humanity as a whole, as these days I understand this to be interconnected like never before. We have a lot to look forward to in the months and years to come, I feel, as we’re moving ever closer to a new, love-based reality on this planet. That’s not to say that there won’t be great challenges and turbulence too, yet it’s so important to keep the faith and the knowing that all is and will be well. When we can keep a strong image of a new reality in our minds, and use our senses to feel as though we’re already there, we will bring that reality to us faster and more powerfully than what would otherwise happen.

We indeed do create our own reality, and if more of us would start to visualize our planet and the people on it, happy, healthy and free, and do that on a regular basis, the sooner we can bring it about. A friend of mine has recently developed an initiative encouraging people all over the world to meditate at specific times, in order to manifest a planet and humanity that is free, sovereign and based in love. I think it is a very simple, yet very powerful way to contribute positively during these unprecedented times, so that we can speed up the process of ascension and arrive in a beautiful and loving reality in good time. And the beautiful part is that it really works! It may not always seem like that when first starting out, but if we don’t waver from the goal, but keep at it, the results are bound to follow.

The ascension and consciousness shift on our planet is an inevitability at this point, yet we can make an impact in how smoothly it can come about, both for the collective, and for ourselves individually. The more each and every person can step out of fear and into love, and deepen the connection to Spirit, God, the universe or the higher self (however you like to think of it), the more we can co-create our reality together with the divine, and experience the new reality here and now. In fact, the new energy of love, joy and ease is already here, and those that are aligned with it, can already experience this new reality. Most of us will go in and out of it for a while though, as we’re still releasing past trauma and negative experiences, that affect our energy fields, both personally and collectively.

The process of ascension is really all about this, releasing what doesn’t align with a higher vibration of being, and I think the most important step we can take in this is to release and let go of the grip that fear has around our hearts. Fear can have a hold on us and control our thoughts and behavior if we let it, throwing us out of balance and closing us off to positive experiences and especially the power of love. As humanity has been living in a fear-based reality for a very long time, it’s to be expected that it will take some time to shift out of it. We all have to go through a process of healing and letting go of everything that is associated with the old reality. Personally, I’ve been in an accelerated process to do just that over the past 4-5 years, and I know that we’re all at different stages of that process, whether it’s right at the beginning, somewhere in the middle (like me), or at the tail end of it.

The beautiful thing though is that everything is speeding up. We’re in the midst of a timeline conjunction where everything converges and ascension is an inevitability. The more people are making their own personal shifts, moving out of fear and into love and healing their wounds, the faster the collective is lifted up and manifesting our new reality. All that happens actually supports this process now. Even those things that may seem to go against it, such as negative events and experiences, will only assist us in triggering old wounds so that they can heal and show us dysfunctional patterns (both personal or societal) so that we can choose something different for ourselves.

The more we can clear out and release negative patterns, traumas and old grief, the more uncluttered our energy fields become, and the easier it will be to manifest what we want. Our vibration will be higher and more in alignment with love and positive experiences, and the easier it is to feel and believe in what we want to manifest. Unresolved past traumas, fear and pain is what will sit in your energy field and be an obstacle to creating what you want, but the more you work on these, the more you will see shifts in your outer reality. And you will feel lighter and happier, which is a reward in itself. As each and every one of us do this, the lighter the collective field will be, too, and the quicker we will move up to higher densities.

Regardless of where you’re at in our own process, and especially if you’re at the beginning stages, don’t lose heart. Although it can seem daunting and like nothing seems to change even if you’re doing your best to heal and release, know that it may take some time, but your work will bear fruits. Keep at it, and miracles are bound to happen. Sometimes it will feel like a process of moving two steps forward, one step back, yet you’re steadily moving forward, and one day you’ll look back and hardly believe how far you’ve come!

So how about we all begin to do regular visualizations of beautiful experiences in a world of love and peace, and help each other create a wonderful new reality both for ourselves and humanity as a whole. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

With that I sign off for today, and as always send you so much love & light!

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