Emotional Release and Intention Setting for the Lion’s Gate Portal & New Moon

We’ve had some intense energies over the past week or so, as we’re approaching the Lion’s gate portal on August 8 (which is this Sunday!). This year the Lion’s gate portal also falls on the same day as the Leo New Moon, which makes for an extra potent and magical day for manifestation. Having said that though, the days leading up to the portal and new moon have for me been intensely clearing. So much so that it has actually taken me a bit by surprise. I feel I have come a long way on my ascension journey, so I feel that generally I don’t go as deep and the triggering isn’t as intense anymore like it used to be. However, this past week, and especially the last few days have actually been quite challenging for me. It seems I had to take a deep dive once more and clear out some pesky emotional issues, and I’ve gone deeper than I have in a while.

Before I share more of what that was all about, though, I want to talk a little bit more about the new moon and the Lion’s gate portal. The Lion’s gate portal is linked to the rising of Sirius, which is considered our spiritual sun, and is a star of high frequency vibrations that has the ability to activate and expand our consciousness. It’s also home to groups of beings that are of an elevated nature, however I won’t go any deeper into that at this point, other than that they have a connection to our planet and help us on many levels. Sirius was hidden from view for a while, as is normal at this time of year, but once it starts to become visible and begins rising in the night sky once again, as it did on July 26, it represents the opening of the Lion’s gate portal. We celebrate this rising of Sirius on August 8, as this is also a numerological 88 power day.

With the Leo new moon also rising on that same day, it creates a powerful portal of rebirth, abundance and spiritual progression, especially if we tune in and tap into the energetic gifts on offer during this time. It’s a powerful day to set intentions for the upcoming cycle, and as I’ve been doing (not intentionally, mind you), clearing out any blocks and lower energies in the days leading up to it. That way you can be clean and clear as you anchor in the Sirian, as well as the leonine energies. Personally, I like to do Kundalini yoga and meditation to keep my energies balanced and high on a daily basis, but with all the energies at play right now, doing something outside your ordinary routine is not a bad idea, such as a ritual or deeper meditation, some intention setting journaling or the like. I feel called to do so myself at this time.

I talked about the qualities of Leo in last week’s blog post, but these energies are definitely still on offer through this new moon, as well. So I invite you to tap into your inner lion at this time too, and take some bold and brave steps towards creating your desired future. As I’m coming out of my shadow deep dive once more, I embrace the power of the lion as I release any past pain and traumas. This time I have felt into and released emotions related to loneliness, jealousy, abandonment and general grief. I found myself bursting into tears several times during this period, which is a little unusual for me these days. But giving myself a good cry, and just allowing the tears to flow when they come up, is a good way to release pent up emotions, and I always feel cleansed and lighter afterwards.

When it comes to releasing emotions in general, it’s really important to just allow them to be, in my experience. Sit with them and feel into them, instead of trying to push them back down. We have gathered so many small, as well as bigger traumas, through lifetimes in a fear-based reality here on earth, and at this time, now that we’re entering a new, love-based reality, the time has come to heal and release those traumas for good. If you, like me, are experiencing this clearing out of past pain, I invite you to be gentle and patient with yourself. Allow yourself some space to breathe and feel the feelings until they release on their own. They will, as long as you don’t offer up resistance. That’s not always so easy, as we’re taught to not allow ourself to fully feel things, especially negative emotions. Even if it is uncomfortable, however, it’s important to shift out of that mindset. The more we can fully feel our pain, the more we can feel joy, love and peace fully, as well.

So, on this Lion’s Gate portal and New Moon, I hope that you take some time out to tune in and align with the powerful energies so that you can raise your vibration and take another step into more abundance, love and joy for yourself. I also think it’s a good idea to not only visualize this for yourself, but for the entire planet, as the more we do that, the more we will create that for all of us. This will help raise the vibration for the collective, and help us take a big step in creating that beautiful world we all want to live in!

With that, I wish you a beautiful new moon and Lion’s Gate, and send you so much love & light!

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