Leo season: Tap Into Your Inner Warrior

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from blogging, as we’ve been in the middle of the summer holidays, and I’ve been traveling a little bit and the like (just within Norway, as I’m personally holding off on international travel for the time being, with all the craziness going on). We’ve had some really beautiful weather here in the southern parts of Norway, and I’ve been enjoying the sun, and recharging my batteries. I have a feeling that the battle for our freedom and the ascension of humanity will be taken to new levels come fall, and so I’m getting ready to step up my game, so to speak.

While we were in Cancer season (which I wrote about in my last post), I felt the need to relax and recharge, but now that the sun is in Leo, other energies are coming into focus. The sun is the ruler of Leo, and as the moon is the ruler of Cancer, we’re moving from a more feminine, inward expression to a more masculine and extrovert expression. It’s a time for joy, warmth, and celebration, but also time to step into your masculine power, and your inner warrior.

I see myself as a light warrior, and although I have been somewhat quiet and “hiding” out a bit so far in this battle of consciousness we’re in, I realize that the time has come for me to become more bold, and take my place on the front lines of this battle. I didn’t come to this earth and this incarnation to be a shrinking violet, although it is of course more comfortable to not get involved, as I have never been someone to stick my neck out or enjoy the spotlight too much (even though I’m a singer so that may seem like an oxymoron, but nevertheless…). However, what is happening on our planet is too important to shy away from, and this is the year where we’re all being invited (or forced, more like it), to choose a side.

I know that I had already chosen my side way before I was born into this body, as I, like every light worker, am here on this planet right now for a reason, but like many of us lightworkers, who tend to lack in self confidence and thinking that our voice is not important, I have been holding back on showing it to some degree. Every voice is important now, even if we’re scared to take to the barricades and speak up. However, the way in which we do this, and how we help during this time may vary from person to person. We all have our different strengths that are needed at this time, and we all have our own unique purpose, it’s just a matter of finding yours.

I for one, feel that it’s spiritual connection, the ascension process and keeping the vibrations high, that are my main areas of contribution, and in my own unique way I try to help and uplift humanity. Others are more truth warriors, and that is just as important. We all have our roles to play in these unprecedented times, and if you feel the call to step up and step into yours, I say go for it! I believe that in the physical world things will get darker and darker in the months ahead, and so it will become more and more important to tune into the light and love within! And find other light workers to bond with so that we can all support each other! Together we will create the new earth and raise the vibration on this planet to new levels. We will help to spread and ground the light, so that it can take hold and this planet can blossom into a beautiful new world.

Now that we’re in Leo season, the theme of stepping into your power and fullest expression stands strong. Leo is bold, brave and confident, so let the lion inspire you to shine your light and find your inner warrior, whatever that looks like for you. This is also a powerful time for creativity, so allow your creative gifts to flow forth in whichever way they present themselves for you, and use them to fulfill your mission! I like to write, and make music, so I plan to go back in the studio and work more on my new song, as well as blog more and share my thoughts and inspiring messages on social media. For me, it feels like it’s time to step up my game in that area. In fact, I have a Facebook group, that I would invite you to join, where share inspirational and uplifting messages to help raise everyone’s vibration. And you’re of course invited to do the same. You can join that group here.

So I’ll leave it at that for now, but will be back with a new post and updates next week, as I’ll return to my regular blog posting schedule. I have time off work this month, in fact, I’m between jobs at the moment, looking to find something new, so I will use this month to focus on my passions and my purpose. I hope you allow this post to inspire you to do the same! Your voice, your authentic expression is so needed!

Sending you so much love & light!

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