Increasing Your Self-Worth on the Ascension Journey

So eclipse season has finally come to an end for this time, and boy has it been a doozy. We’ve been inundated with lots of powerful light frequencies once again, and going through this eclipse portal has brought our planet up to a new level, a new phase in the awakening and ascension of humanity, I feel. In fact, during this eclipse season I felt a personal shift onto a new timeline. I’m not sure what that means exactly at this point, but I’m excited to see what unfolds! I also cleared out some deep seated old wounding, which had to do with self-love and self-worth, and that experience inspired the topic of today’s post.

The issue of self-worth is one that I think we’ll all face at some point on the ascension journey. Actually, I think that it is for most of us at the root of many of our issues. Those of us who are old souls and star seeds, have usually had many lives where we have not been valued, and most of us have also experienced incidents in childhood perhaps, or later in life, where we did not feel loved and appreciated fully for who we are. These experiences have left their marks and created wounds that we need to heal in order to ascend. I believe this experience of lack of love is one of the core wounds for humanity as a collective, also. But as the frequency of love is flowing in like never before, the human collective is invited to heal this wound, and open up their hearts to love like never before.

I believe our wounds primarily are rooted in three areas. They can stem from this life (often childhood, but later too), past lives or ancestral trauma. Sometimes we also take on wounds or negative energies from other people or the collective human consciousness, which can also have an impact on us, and create issues when it comes to self-worth. I can relate to this, as I have a tendency to take on other people’s issues as my own. I think this stems from childhood and growing up with a mother with severe mental illness. As a child, I internalized and took on some of my mother’s pain, perhaps partly as a misguided attempt at showing solidarity to her, but also to protect her. Although it did nothing to help her or me, I think this is common in situations like this, and serves as a bit of a survival mechanism. It’s a kind of martyrdom or savior syndrome, but it really just serves to lower your frequency and self-worth.

My mother also had quite low self-worth, and since as children we often model ourselves on those we look up to, first and foremost our parents, I also became insecure, had trouble setting boundaries for myself and didn’t treat myself with love and respect, since I didn’t learn that from her. I have forgiven my mother for this a long time ago, as she couldn’t help that she was ill, and she obviously did the best she could in her circumstances. Yet, the wounds and patterns linger, and I have been confronted with them several times on my ascension journey, and still don’t feel that I have fully healed. This is what can be called the mother wound, and healing the mother wound is an important part of the process.

Healing the father wound is also important, and just as I’ve had lingering issues from my relationship with my mother growing up, there are also things to heal in my relationship with my father. My father and I had a close relationship when I was a child, but in my teens I became more estranged from him. I felt that he didn’t fully see me for who I was, and I didn’t feel appreciated. I felt like I needed to live up to some ideal that I felt he had for me. As a young woman this led to insecurities and lack of self-worth, which I believe has impacted my relationship with men later on in life. Again, I don’t hold any grudges towards my dad. We have talked about all of this, and I understand that he never meant to make me feel this way, but it’s funny how even what may seem like small incidents can get stuck in the psyche and cause trauma, pain and dysfunctional patterns until they are dealt with and healed.

Since I believe in reincarnation and that we choose our parents and family circumstances before we are born, I do believe that I chose to experience all of the above on some level. I also think we are given what we need to work on based on where we’re at on a soul level. So I think that my traumatic experiences in childhood and later also served as an opportunity for me to heal things from past lives. I have certainly been confronted with many things from previous lives and wounds that I’ve had to clear. Such past wounds can even manifest as physical ailments, that can be corrected once the root cause has been addressed and the original wound has been dealt with. I have definitely found root causes in past lives to issues I’ve had around body image, jealousy, sexuality and the need to control. And in all cases it always comes back to the issue of self-worth and lack of love.

Finally, our self-worth issues can have their roots in ancestral wounding. Research is actually backing up this theory, in the study of epigenetics, where it has been found that traumas that our parents, grandparents or beyond experienced, can affect our DNA to this day. This also explains how certain families may have genetic propensities for certain illnesses compared to others. In fact all our traumas or experiences can affect our DNA, including things from past lives, and that is also why healing our traumas may impact and upgrade our DNA to new levels as well. I’m not sure where science is at with this at this point, but I’m sure that future studies in this area will prove this to be true. Be that as it may, even though we may have a genetic predisposition for certain things, it’s not a given to end up suffering from it. If we take care of ourselves and heal our traumas, we can live full and healthy lives and never be bothered with the type of issues or ailments that we may have a predisposition for. And now, as a result of the ascension process, our bodies, as well as our consciousness, is being upgraded like never before, including our DNA.

So in order to upgrade and uplevel, and ascend to 5D and beyond, which is the goal at this point, it is necessary to explore all these areas and heal what is there. So much of our past trauma serves as blocks to experience more love, peace and abundance in our lives, and especially our self-worth. I believe it’s directly related to what we are able to attract into our lives. So the more we heal, and are able to love and value ourselves, the more magical our lives will become. That has been my experience, and I know I’m not alone in that. I hope you will let that inspire you in your own process, and even though it may feel heavy and difficult at times when working through past trauma, know that it’s all worth it, and in the end you’ll experience more love, joy and abundance than you ever thought possible!

With that, I sign off for today, and as always, send you much love & light!

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