Getting Back To Nature

I’m sitting on the train on my way to work as I write this blog post. It is a beautiful, sunny day today, and I’m feeling excited that summer is finally truly here. I love seeing nature in full bloom and the fragrance of flowers and the buzzing of bees filling the air. I’ve been feeling a very strong connection to Gaia for a while now, and so have felt this need to just be out in nature and connect with her. And now that summer is here and the weather is good, it’s even more of a draw. Going to the beach, swimming in the salt water and soaking in the sun is so grounding, cleansing and renewing, and we can all need a bit of that from time to time. Although you can connect with Gaia anywhere really as far as her essence goes, there is nothing quite like being out in nature and commune with her there, so to speak. It’s almost like I can hear her speak to me through the trees, the rocks and the water. I invite you to try it out, especially if it’s not something you do regularly. I have believed for some time now, and still do, that nature is our greatest healer, and one of the main causes of our ailing society is our disconnection from it. So many of us are stuck in an office all day long, and when we get home we turn on the television or get stuck in front of some other device to help us unwind and distract us from our mundane reality (I had an office job for many years myself, so I can totally relate).

I am regularly reminded of that, as it is easy to get get sucked into sitting in front of the computer (or my iPad or cellphone) for long hours at a time. I have noticed how it really makes my head and my whole body feel kind of heavy and overstimulated when I sit for too long. So sometimes when I go for walks or am out in nature, I make a point of putting away my phone, and just soak up the environment around me without any distractions. I normally put my headphones in and listen to music as I walk outside. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, I love music and couldn’t imagine a life without it, but sometimes I feel the need to listen to “the music of nature” instead. It’s good to do a little device detox from time to time, and the more you can stay away the better, I think. Of course, in the modern world we live in it’s more or less impossible to unplug completely, but I really don’t think it’s good for our bodies or our minds to be bombarded with the articificial frequencies from all our devices all day long. The more we can disconnect from that and connect in the real world with the people we love, I think the happier and healthier we will be.

Mother Earth and nature has her own biological rhythms, as do we human beings and our bodies. I believe that the more we can be in tune with nature and her rhythms, the more we will also be in sync with our own bodies and biological needs as the two work together in harmony. One way to do this is of course, as I just mentioned, spend more time in nature, but we can also be more in the flow with nature in other ways. If you have read some of my previous blog posts, you know I also spend quite a bit of time delving into our connection to the heavens too, through the planets and astrology. The more my own spiritual practices have become aligned with the natural cycles of Gaia, the moon and other planetary movements, the more tuned in and connected I feel, both to myself and my own body, and to the world and the people around me. It can be a good time to be together in groups and do meditations and ceremonies on days that carry strong energy for one reason or another, such as the new moon, full moon, equinox and solstice (you can do them on your own too, of course). They serve to heighten our experiences and remind us of our connectedness in the earthly and planetary community that we are all a part of.

We have been in eclipse season for a little while now, and the energies have been off the charts, at least as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been releasing a lot of old stuff, and also been receiving some major upgrades, and it’s been a little challenging, but as always so worth it! I know I’m not the only one feeling the energies at this time, as I’m sure you have too. As old wounds and shadow stuff has been coming to the surface for me personally, it appears to also be happening collectively, which is quite exciting as some of us have been waiting a while for this to happen. For others it may come as shock though, when they realize how corrupt certain governments and officials are, and may cause some upheaval and chaos both collectively and personally. Wherever you’re at with all of this, it’s important to go easy on yourself, drink lots of water, try to get some good sleep (I know that can be challenging at times with all the heightened energies) and perhaps spend some time in nature to integrate it all. Just remember that it’s all helping to align us more with our own light, our purpose and most importantly, with unconditional love.

As Mother Nature is coming into full bloom and at the peak of her splendor for summer, I am reminded how our own awakening and ascension process is helping us become more aware of who we truly are. We are souls having a human experience, but more than that, we are really multidimensional avatars that are awakening to that reality in our physical bodies. This can be an astounding revelation when we first come to realize it, when we are shown a little glimpse of our own potential. I have been lucky enough to experience such a glimpse, and wow, it is amazing! Of course, awakening and coming to terms with it all, and what it all means, is not an easy process, as it means letting go of many outdated ideas of what you imagined yourself and the world to be. But once we begin to step fully into our power and splendor, the magnificence of who we truly are will begin to shine through more and more. So let Mother Nature and her splendor remind you of your own beauty and power!

With that I’ll wrap up this week’s message. I hope you feel inspired to unplug for a bit and go spend some time in nature, connecting with the beauty and healing that is always there for you!

Sending you so much love & light,

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