Fear – A Friend or a Foe?

A great shift is taking place on our planet, and we’re changing from living in a fear-based reality, to a love-based reality. This planet is one that has been based in fear for a long time. We’ve been and still are a primitive society in that regard, but it’s time for that now to shift. One of the reasons why we are seeing so much chaos these days, I believe is due to fear. It has been heightening in all arenas really, this past year. Since the virus came on the scene and lockdown began about a year ago, fear has really taken center stage in different ways and that is not a good thing.

On one hand, fear is a necessary and natural feeling, and it has an important function in our lives. It keeps us alive and away from danger, and that is its primary purpose. On the other hand, though, fear can very easily overwhelm us, and when we’re in a constant state of fear, it takes its toll on both our physical and mental health. And of course, it’s just not a good feeling. Nobody wants to live in fear most of the time. Although the virus and lockdown this past year has brought on an extraordinary situation for most of us, I would say that things were not so great even before then. A lot of us lived very stressful lives, chasing stuff that may or may not have made us happier. More money, a bigger house, a second car, things like that can of course be temporarily exciting, and help improve our quality of life, but in and of itself, it doesn’t bring happiness. Especially if the cost is more stress and anxiety. There has been a pressure on our planet to “get ahead”, and also to “stay afloat”. Many of us have felt forced to be stuck in dead end jobs where we’re not happy. All of this causes stress, and that is a form of fear. Fear of not getting by, not having enough, or being enough.

This way of living, driven by fear, has been our way of life for a long time, but I hope, and believe, that this is now slowly coming to an end. One positive about this past year is that it has forced us to slow down a little bit. It has made us take stock of our lives, and perhaps made us realize that we don’t want to live such a stressful life anymore. So never so bad that it’s not good for something. Fear can also have a positive impact in that it can be a indication that something is off. Whenever we feel a nagging anxiety and we don’t know exactly where it’s coming from, or an exaggerated fear that is not in proportion with what has happened, it is a signal to dig deeper. Perhaps there is something in our past that is being triggered, a past trauma or negative experience that is being brought up to be looked at. Sometimes a feeling of fear can also be coming from something outside of us. Those of us who are sensitive and empaths, may pick up on fear in the collective, or other low vibrations that can cause a sense of discomfort and uneasiness.

Fear can easily get out of control and run rampant whenever we feel there is a great threat to our lives. This type of fear has been used to control the masses in the past, and there are those that still like to take advantage of it. I think we’re seeing this playing out currently on our planet. It’s important that we are careful not to fall under its spell. Unfortunately, there are those in “high places” that don’t want things to change. It serves them that things are staying the way they are, so that they can keep their power and position in the world. But when the world is set up to harm a lot of people, and to serve only a handful, something is not right. We’re all resistant to change, it’s in our human nature, and so it’s a natural thing to want to keep things the way they have always been. It’s familiar, it works in a way. It may not be perfect, but it’s comfortable. But if we’re going to move into a love-based world, change has to happen. The shift is here, and we all have to face it, even those who would rather it didn’t.

Welcome to ascension. Change is inevitable at this point. What is coming is a whole new way of being for all of us, where fear won’t control us anymore, and love will be our driving force. Getting there isn’t done overnight though, and it will be an uncomfortable ride for a while. In fact, it is that ride that is forcing the change for the better. We wouldn’t get there without it. It’s how we grow and learn. Be prepared for a lot of dysfunctional and even evil things to be brought into the light this year and beyond. It will upset many, but it’s time that we finally see this world, our society in the light of truth, so that we can decide in what direction we want our future to head. I believe we as humanity want a planet where we can all thrive, be at peace, and enjoy more love. Although there will always be some discomfort that will drive our evolution, because that is the way of things, the rampant disregard for human life and the completely skewed distribution of wealth in our world, that is due to end. Yet, it will be a wild ride to get there, so in the meantime try not to get sucked into a state of fear.

When we’re in a state of love, fear can hold no power over us, so whenever you feel that fear is taking hold, try to cultivate a state of love, instead. Slowing down your breath, bringing your attention inwards, coming back into a state of balance, that is the key. Lay your hands on your heart center, in the middle of your chest, and give yourself some soothing words, or listen to some high vibing music. Think about things that give you joy, and peace of mind. Calming imagery and guided meditations can be a beautiful support during times of stress and fear. I have some you can try on my meditation page. Sometimes events can trigger traumas and deeper seated fear in us, that may require more work to resolve. Make sure you reach out for help if that is the case, and you feel you need it. Feel free to contact me for a healing session in that regard, if you feel guided to.

No matter what happens, know that we’re on our way to a new and better world. Take care of yourself, and I send you so much love & light!

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