Alchemy and the Power of Sound

After having a couple of weeks of warm weather and the snow had just about melted away, this morning I woke up to a ton of snow that has pretty much come overnight. But I suppose it’s not uncommon for this time of year, as Spring is approaching. Just as Mother Nature is shifting her seasons, we too experience shifts and changes in our lives, and it is best to try to go with the flow, as much as we can.

We have experienced a lot of shifts and changes this past year. The anniversary of when the lockdown began here in Norway is actually today, March 12. What was supposed to be a few weeks to flatten the curve, has turned into a year and there is still no immediate end in sight. At least not here in Oslo. I feel for all the people that have struggled with this situation in one way or another, and although I feel confident that there will be a solution and an end to all this, it will take a little more time and may not come in the way many people think.

As I have written in several blog posts before, I believe all of this is part of the ascension of our planet and its people to a higher consciousness based on love and light. That is not to say that darkness won’t continue to exist. Our universe is one of polarity, and we need both dark and light in order to evolve. But the evil that has been present on our planet is finished, and what we’re seeing is the process of bringing all that into the light, so that it can be transmuted and we can heal and ascend. So the darkness is actually a catalyst in a way, for our ascension.

The idea that we need both positive and negative forces to grow is not always so easy to accept, and I for one took a while to embrace the idea. It wasn’t until my own personal ascension process began a few years ago, that I understood that, and how this all worked. Discomfort and negativity forces change, and if we harness it as a catalyst for positive change, then it will help us evolve in amazing ways. That’s not to say that we should embrace darkness, of course, but understand its place in the universe.

This concept of polarities and how they work together to effect change and growth, can be referred to as alchemy. Traditionally we speak of the alchemist as someone who can change lead into gold. I can’t speak to whether that is possible or not, but when I speak of alchemy here, it is in the sense of transmuting energy. Taking dark and heavy energy and turning it into light. That is the process of ascension, and so we’re all in an alchemical process right now, whether we are aware of that fact or not.

An ascension process is in other words an alchemical process where dark and heavy energies (trauma) are not only cleared and healed, but also used as a catalyst to raise our frequency to higher vibrations of love, joy, peace and bliss. This is not only nice words, but a very real and intense process, that I have been in for the past 4+ years, and still am going through. It’s automatic in a way once the process begins. The kundalini awakening is usually the initial catalyst for the process to begin, and the twin flame connection is also heavily connected to this. People and circumstances in your life, and especially your twin, will trigger past wounds that need to be healed and transmuted. It is a very deep process, very challenging but of course worth it in the end.

The ascension process also activates and upgrades your DNA, and opens up your connection to higher realms. Your psychic abilities get enhanced, and you often become more connected to your higher self, your spirit guides and other beings of a higher nature. Although the process is somewhat automatic, there are many things you can do to support it. Finding the root cause of your wounds can be important, as well as clearing and transmuting wounding when it comes up. Many modalities can be used for this, such as hypnosis and regression therapy, energy healing, coaching and more. A regular yoga and meditation practice can be a great support to the process, and vibrational healing, which is my specialty, is also great.

Vibrational healing tools help to transmute heavy energies to higher vibrations. Crystals, oils, and energy healing such as Reiki are examples of these tools, but I believe one of the most powerful tools are that of sound. Sound is a very powerful vibration, and when used with intention and in the right setting, it can have a profound effect. Alchemical crystal bowls are very powerful, and the voice is too, but you can use pretty much any instrument that pleases you. Music, and songs can also have a transformative effect, especially if they are crafted with that intention. This is my main focus in my work, using sound and music to help heal, uplift and transmute heavy energies and wounding. If you want to find out more about my work, and how I do this, you can find sound healing meditations and activations here, and more information about private sessions here.

If you are in an ascension process or any other deep healing process, I invite you to try these modalities to help support you. An alchemical process is no joke, and we can use all the support we can get. I make use of all these tools myself in my own process, so I’m very familiar with their power and highly recommend them. With that, I wish you a wonderful day, and send you much love and light!

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