Keeping Your Vibration High During Difficult Times

Another week has gone by, and we’re back in lockdown here in Oslo. Well, I suppose we’ve been in lockdown for a while here, but stricter measures have been put in place once again, just as we were hoping for it to slowly begin to open back up again. At the same time many states in the US are opening up. So we’ll see where that leads us. I don’t want to get into a debate about who is right or not. I have my own opinions on the matter, but I don’t feel that I’m here to focus on what’s going on in the external world right now. I’m more interested in what’s going on inside you, and how all that’s going on right now is affecting you.

How are you dealing with what’s going on in the world? How does it make you feel? Do you feel angry, frustrated, upset or despondent? Or perhaps you’re at peace, knowing that all will be well in the end? I’m leaning more towards the latter these days, thankfully, as I trust in Source, and that life is unfolding as it’s meant to. I have also worked on myself a lot, to the point where I don’t feel as much anxiety and stress as I used to. But of course, like everyone I have my moments too, where I feel all the things above and more. There’s no question a lot is going on these days, both externally and internally, in the open and in the shadows, and you would have to be made of stone to not be affected by it to some degree.

I have talked about before, that I (as well as many others) feel that we’re in a paradigm shift here on earth at the moment. Massive shifts are taking place, and we’re in the beginning days of a mass ascension of humanity. Some people are awake and aware of that fact, but many are not. I believe this year will be a big turning point in that regard. More and more stuff that has been hidden, will come to the surface, so that the planet can heal, and we can move forward, unified, with love and a new sense of purpose. But we’re not there yet. In the meantime, we have a lot to cope with as a result of this pandemic and all that is happening in its wake. People are losing their jobs, their businesses, their livelihoods, and some their lives, too. And all this is creating a lot of fear, sadness and confusion, which is totally understandable.

It’s enough to make us all feel discouraged and hopeless at times. I’ve been there, and I’m sure you have too. And you know, it’s okay to feel those negative emotions at times. When they come up, allow them to. Just make sure you don’t get stuck there. That may be easier said than done, though, when we are bombarded with more bad news, more restrictions and the division between people seem to get greater and greater. It’s natural to want to give in to feeling bad, resign ourselves and do unhealthy things, that may make us feel even worse. But it’s important to not fall into that trap. Sure, have a glass or two of wine, or watch Netflix all day long sometimes, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. In fact, I think it’s important that we don’t fall into apathy. There are always things we can do to improve our situation, and I believe the best place to start is to work on raising our vibration.

The term “raising your vibration” may sound a bit woowoo, but basically it’s just what you do to make yourself feel good. And there are many things we can do to make ourselves feel good, even in these troubling times. What I do, is to practice yoga and meditation every day. I connect with friends, practice my daily vocal lessons, perhaps work on some music or work out. And I generally stay away from main stream news, as it tends to be very negative. I try to feel into what I need at any given time, and give myself that. And yes, that may even include a glass of wine and Netflix for the evening. Or something else entirely. Even though our social lives are restricted, there are still things we can do to feel good, and keep vibrating high. Listening to music is great, and may actually be one of the main things I do to lift myself up. And whenever I do feel discouraged, sad and frustrated, I allow myself to feel it, perhaps cry a bit, call a friend, and then it usually lifts. I know that we can get through this difficult time together, as long as we support each other, and not let our differences get in the way.

This is not meant to belittle those that really are struggling a lot, though, and find it hard to keep their vibrations high. Sometimes the above mentioned suggestions are not enough to get you through. Then it’s important to seek help, in whatever way you can. There are many great healers out there, both traditional and alternative, and I suggest you do reach out to someone, if you feel you may need it. I offer vibrational healing sessions, too, that will help you to uncover deeper issues that may be holding you back, so feel free to contact me if you want more information about that. And of course I have my meditations and music available to listen to, if you feel that those may be helpful for you.

I keep you, as I do all humanity, in my thoughts and prayers, and as always, send you love & light!

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