Story Behind The Song: One (Come With Me)

After many years of not having released any new music, I finally have a new song that’s coming out today. I’m so excited to have something of my own to share with the world again, after having had a creative drought for over 10 years. Well, creative drought when it comes to music, I have created other things during that time. Anyway, I figured that with the new release it would be apt to share the story behind the song. So here goes…

This particular song has been a long time in the making, as I initially wrote it back in 2007. Actually, I think it was around the time when I recorded my first EP. I was in a bit of a creative flow back then, as often happens when you’re in the studio, and I was also in love, and I suppose the two of them combined birthed this particular song. As you might have guessed, this is a love song of sorts, although it has become something more than that to me as time has gone by.

Initially, this song was inspired by someone that I felt a strong attraction to, but circumstances didn’t allow for us to be together right away. There was an undeniable connection, that was difficult to fight, even though I tried for a bit. We weren’t together yet when I wrote the song, so I suppose the song represents a kind of longing to be with someone that you can’t be with, yet you still have hope, and dream of a “stolen night” together. In the end we did become a couple, though, but for various reasons I didn’t end up recording this song when I first wrote it. Then I had a long break from music, so by the time I brought it out again and considered recording it, we were no longer together. What was interesting though, was that certain life experiences that had happened in the meantime made me see the song in a new light.

I believed this man be my soul mate and still do, as that fact doesn’t change, even if we’re no longer physically together. The love between us will always be there, and we parted knowing this, and remain friends. However, since my experience with this man, I have discovered something that goes even deeper than the soul mate connection, and that is the twin flame connection. I won’t go into great detail about what that is all about, you can always google it if you’re curious, however, I think everyone experiences this connection differently, so any definition can really only go so far. What most seem to agree on though and I myself subscribe to this, is that it isn’t primarily a romantic connection (although it can be that too), but a deep, alchemical, transformative connection, that makes you question everything you thought you knew about love, life and relationships. At least, that is what it has done for me.

Most people will tell you the ultimate goal of the twin flame journey is union, however what this so-called union really is, seems to be somewhat elusive. Initially, those on this journey often think of it as being in a romantic relationship with their twin, as the love that is awakened by your twin is deep and irresistible. Yet there are usually obstacles in the way, which tend to ignite a deep healing process that ultimately brings you back to your true self, which is love, wholeness, oneness. In other words, union is primarily a state of being where you feel whole and healed and one with Divine Source (or you can call it God, Higher Self, the Universe, whatever you prefer). As Source is pure love, it is a journey of coming home to love, but first and foremost to the love within. Meeting your twin will also spark a longing for sexual union, as the sexual energy and connection between twins is a powerful force that drives the union process, and the act itself can bring on the feeling of oneness.

Anyway, back to my song… When I looked at the words of this song after years had gone by, I discovered that what I initially thought I wrote about, a romantic soul mate connection, actually went much deeper. I felt that what I wrote was even more relevant to the twin flame connection, and the desire to be in union with my twin and with Source. It describes the longing for oneness, and the sweetness of soul connection, of love. Of course, any song will have a certain amount of artistic ambiguity, meaning it can be interpreted a myriad of ways, and any person who hears it will attribute their own meaning to it, which is totally fine. However, in this case, my song has evolved with me, and has come to hold a much deeper meaning for me now than it did initially. It’s like the inspiration and the words that came through me, actually expressed a deeper longing from my soul, a truth that I didn’t even realize was there until much later.

The song is available on all online music outlets to purchase and stream, but I have embedded the YouTube version below. If you like, you can also check out the lyrics here. I hope you enjoy the story behind the song, as well as the song itself! It has a special place in my heart, perhaps also because it is the first song I have also produced myself. So enjoy, and until next time…

Sending you love & light,

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