Self-Love & Body Image

The above topic is something I have been planning to write about for a while, as it has been quite front and center on my own twin flame and ascension journey, and in my life in general, I would say. I believe that it’s an important issue that a lot of women (and also many men) struggle with. It was a topic that was discussed quite a bit during my psychology studies, and research has found a correlation between body image and general well-being and self-esteem, as well as sexual issues and more. Hence it’s clear that body image gets in the way of self-love.

In order to fully love yourself, you have to be able to love your body, and the way you look, as well. That is easier said than done, especially when society at large places such an emphasis on looks. We’re constantly evaluated on the basis of our body shape, weight and so forth, and I believe that we all have a lot of both conscious and unconscious wounding in relation to that, that needs to be healed. The music industry, which I myself have been a part of for many years, is overly focused on body image and looks, and does not send a healthy message to young women and men. Hollywood, the modeling world and media isn’t much better, and although we have seen some changes for the better in recent years, with more models in all shapes and sizes, it isn’t nearly enough.

The whole idea that it’s only our exterior that makes us beautiful, and that what we’re like as a person is of lesser importance, is pervasive in our society. Although we may all say and consciously believe things like “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” and “beauty is only skin deep”, our actions and thoughts often say otherwise. By that I mean that there are many unconscious patterns that we all hold in relation to this issue, that can show up in many forms. We are often not aware of the issue until we start to pay attention to our own thoughts and actions, or get confronted with it specifically, like I have been on my twin flame journey.

I have always been a little triggered over the years whenever my boyfriend or husband would comment on other women being beautiful, so I can see that there has always been an issue around this for me. However, I have been triggered to the nth degree by my twin flame on this subject. That’s not so strange, considering everything is heightened with your twin flame, and since the whole purpose of the journey is to heal all that stands in the way of love, including self-love. Comparing yourself to other women is a pitfall that will never end well, as there will always be someone who is “more beautiful” than you. Yet I have fallen into that trap time and again, forcing me to confront the issue, and get to the bottom of what it’s all about.

Of course, my twin flame isn’t causing this issue at all, as he has never said anything derogatory about my looks, quite the opposite. Besides I can see that the issue was there long before I met him. But circumstances in my twin flame connection have certainly brought my attention to it. So the big question is, where does it come from? Living in the society that we do, with all its emphasis on looks and body image is only part of the issue. Upbringing, family and childhood events may have contributed also, but that is also not the whole picture. Past lives play an important part too in this, as it does in all our deep wounds. So when seeking to heal issues such as these, it is important to go deeper into all these areas. We won’t find true healing until wounds from the collective, society, family and past lives are all cleared and healed.

Our society has been so out of balance for a long time, while the patriarchy has been ruling, and the feminine and what it stands for has been degraded and under-appreciated. With this, our idea of beauty has been twisted and narrowed down to standards that doesn’t serve anyone. In this process, our view of ourselves has also become twisted, as we see ourselves through the eyes of others, judging ourselves through a perceived perspective that is not true. In doing this we also end up being blind to what is there, our own true beauty. We are all beautiful and it’s time that we begin to embrace it once again. Our interior and exterior combined makes us the person we are, and perfect for the life we have chosen to live. Learning to love it all is true self-love, and the more we can do that, the more we and our society can begin to heal this issue.

If you have been experiencing issues with body image and not feeling good enough, I invite you to look deeper, and see what that feeling is really covering up. Chances are that like me, you’ve been stuck in an old paradigm where a certain few have been able to dictate what beauty is. Now is the time to expand the idea of beauty and what that concept holds, and blast through the old beliefs once and for all!

Sending you ever so much love & light,

PS. If you need any help in navigating this or similar issues, and feel called to work with me, check out my offerings, and feel free to reach out. ❤️

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