Releasing the Savior Syndrome

We’re halfway into January 2021, and so far not much appears any different compared to 2020. Not in the outer reality, anyway. However, the energies definitely feel quite different compared to what they felt like about a year ago. They feel lighter, and less oppressive. To me things feel very calm right now, however I believe there are things that are building up behind the scenes, so they may not stay so calm for long. We’ll see…

The year of 2021 have by some been named the year of revelation. Given the prominence of Uranus during the course of this year, which represents awakening, freedom and change, that prediction will more than likely come true. Uranus will square Saturn three times this year, and with that, there may be a revolution of sorts, and much that has been hidden will come to the surface. The new paradigm will be ushered in this year more than ever, and I would expect even more upheaval than in 2020 because of this. There may be some shocking events for those who don’t see it coming. It is important to stay grounded in your heart, and in the knowing that all is well, and that we are ascending, even if the outer reality may not always seem to reflect it. Discernment is also key, as much conflicting information will be presented.

These events help to usher in the Age of Aquarius. We need to be able to see the whole truth of our reality before we can really step into the fullness of who we are, and that is what will come to the forefront this year. To be truly free, we have to take back our sovereignty, both as individuals, and as a society. Anything that holds us back, and keeps us in a state of apparent inferiority, has to go. This has been a theme in my own awakening and ascension process over the past few years. This idea that we’re powerless, and need someone outside of ourself to save us, is a belief that have been pushed upon us for centuries. Perhaps in the world that we used to live in, it was true to some extent, but that is not part of the new paradigm, and it’s time to release that belief once and for all. Whenever our life doesn’t work out the way we had hoped for, we can often catch ourselves wishing for someone or something to come and save us. Perhaps we feel we need more money, or don’t have the right career, or there is just a general feeling of being stuck in a rut. Although these may be valid feelings, we may often feel powerless to do anything about it, and that’s when it’s easy to start dreaming of a savior to come and rescue us from the gloom.

The point is that we’re not ever powerless, but when there’s an underlying (often subconscious) feeling that we are, we get depressed and don’t take the steps necessary to change our situation. For myself this has shown up in numerous ways over the years. I never felt capable of making good money doing something I loved, and so the thought of winning the lottery, inheriting money, or getting money in some other way, was always the winning belief, which actually held me back from accomplishing what I really wanted. Whenever my life wouldn’t make sense, and I would feel unhappy, it was often projected onto my loved ones. Somehow it was the responsibility of my significant other to make me happy, instead of me making myself happy. This can be true when not being in a relationship too, thinking that finding a man (or woman, depending on which way you’re inclined), would somehow make you happy. Or perhaps moving to a new place is something you think might magically solve all your problems, however, you’re still the same person with the same issues, even if you’re in a new place.

Until we take responsibility for our own happiness, and until we understand that only we ourselves have the power to make ourselves happy, can we begin to live the life we want to live. Besides, there is nothing more empowering than knowing that you have created the life you wanted yourself, without being handed everything. This doesn’t mean that you can’t accept help from others from time to time. Giving and receiving help is an important part of living in a society with other people, and we’re all social beings who need each other in many ways. We also need God, or the belief in a higher power than our physical self, that is there to help us in our time of need, however, God (or this higher power) won’t be able to help us if we don’t help ourselves.

Releasing the “savior syndrome” is about letting go of the idea that you need to be saved. You have it in yourself to save yourself, with a little help from others, of course. Flipping that on its head, releasing the “savior syndrome” is also about letting go of the idea of saving others, too. I have definitely been guilty of thinking that way, as well. We can certainly help others, but only if that person wants to helped. It is ultimately the responsibility for each one of us to raise ourselves up, step into our power, and “save” ourselves. When we stop putting the power outside of ourselves to change our lives, but take responsibility for that ourselves, that is when we can be truly sovereign, empowered and happy, and live the life that we came here to live.

So I hope that is something you take with you into this year of 2021 and beyond. Know that you are powerful, sovereign, and free to express your soul, and what is in your heart! And if you don’t feel that way, then there is old programming in the way. Use this year to clear it, and align with your true self and your purpose. Although that may not always be easy, I encourage you to make a commitment to start doing that today.

I wish you, as always, much love & light,

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