How to Prepare for New Earth

Tomorrow is December 12, or 12.12, and one of the power days of this month of December 2020. It’s a day to balance masculine and feminine energies, and of integration and completion. This energy is building up to the Great Conjunction, where Jupiter and Saturn meet up in the skies on 21.12, which also happens to be solstice. Although the energies are intense, and getting more so by the minute, this December month still feels like a bit of a respite in some ways from all the craziness we have been experiencing this year. I find that this time of year, some reflection and inward focus can be good, and in this year of 2020, even more so.

Despite the slowing down, partly due to the holidays and winter coming, but also forced by the lockdown that we still have in many parts of the planet, the energies of the skies, planets and numerological alignments are at an unprecedented level this month (and it’s my birthday month too!). It is all culminating in the Great Conjunction, where for the first time in 200 years, Jupiter and Saturn are meeting up in an air sign, more specifically, Aquarius. This can be seen as a gateway into the Age of Aquarius, and although we have been on our way there for a while, this alignment really solidifies it. Welcome to new earth!

Even though December 21 signifies the start of a new era, and may be a powerful day energetically, it doesn’t mean that everything will change overnight. The dimensional shift into a new earth is a slow one, and we will have plenty of time to prepare ourselves for it. What is happening in a nutshell is that we are awakening to who we truly are, which is multidimensional beings, who have come to this earth to experience life in the 3rd dimension. We have all also signed up to be here for this shift, that in time will open up to experiencing life in other dimensions. Life in the 3rd dimension can be heavy and traumatic at times, but as we move up to higher dimensions, love and unity will be the foundation for a new, magical way of life.

Dimensional levels can also be seen as vibrational, and the energies that are pouring into earth at these times, are lifting the earth and us human beings up into higher vibrations of love and peace. At this vibrational level, the heavy energies of pain and past trauma cannot persist, and so they are forced up to be cleared. This is in many ways the reason why we’ve had the challenges we’ve had this year, as those structures that are no longer serving us, have to fall. There are those who want to prevent humanity from shifting into higher dimensions, as our ignorance and pain have been their gain. However, their reign has ended, and in the months (and years) to come, this will become more and more apparent.

The old has to give way to the new, and as we collectively clear out all that which has been dysfunctional on our planet, we also need to do this individually. So for those who haven’t already cleared out and healed most of the trauma in their lives, will be forced to do so in the months and years ahead. Now I don’t say this to be negative or to scare you. However, I believe that it’s important to know this so that we can be prepared. And if you don’t feel like you’re in a state of love and peace instantly when December 21 comes around, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, or that you are missing out on anything. Healing and raising our vibrations take time, and we have that time. All is and will be well.

The good news are that life as we know it is over, and we’re heading into a beautiful new way of living! But to get there we need to heal ourselves, our planet and each other, and so the best way to prepare for new earth is to work on yourself, open up to love, and clear out all that stands in the way of that. How to best do that is individual, but in my next post I will share some of what has helped me in my own process the past few years, to open up to unprecedented levels of joy and love, so stay tuned for that.

With that, I’m signing off for now, but I wish you a peaceful December 12, and hope you take some time to balance and integrate your own energies on this powerful day, in whatever way feels right to you.

Sending you so much love & light,

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