Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine

So I’m feeling called to write another blog post. Once again, I’m not really sure what the topic is going to be, but I figured I’ll just start writing, and see where it goes. I have some lose ideas about what I want to cover, though, so we’ll see… 😊

So for those who are into numerology, astrology and the like, today is Friday the 13th, and the planet Mars is (finally!) moving direct again. I don’t always feel all the retrogrades. Mercury retrograde has never really bothered me particularly, but this Mars retrograde I have definitely felt. In my own personal growth journey, I have had quite a few things come up that I’ve had to work through these past couple of months. Mars represents, as you may know, masculine power, and when a planet goes retrograde it makes us go within to look at themes relating to that particular planet, both on a personal and a collective level.

For me, that has meant looking at the relationships with the masculines in my life, especially my father, but also how I connect with my “inner warrior”. Masculine energy is extroverted, warm and analytical. It relates to setting goals, taking action towards those goals, and is all in all a very physical energy, focused in the tangible, material reality. This means that we all have masculine energy, whether we are men or women, it has nothing to do with gender. The goal is to be pretty balanced in both masculine and feminine energies both on an individual and collective level, which is something we haven’t really been on this planet for a long time.

So this Mars retrograde has for me been a lot about preparing to step into the mission that I feel I have here on earth. And that is to help heal, inspire and uplift those who are on an ascension journey at this time (which is really all of humanity, but I digress). Specifically I feel that I want to do this through my music, sound healing and spiritual coaching. During this retrograde I have been preparing a plan as far as what I have to do to get my work out there, as well as finalizing my new song, which is getting very close to done (yay!). Now that Mars is direct again, I suppose it’s time to put it all into action…

Now, the opposite of the masculine energy is the feminine energy, although I prefer to say that the two are complementary, like yin and yang. Feminine energy is creative, calm, cool and inward seeking. It relates more to the non-physical, spiritual realm, which is probably why women often tend to be more intuitive and spiritually inclined than men, although of course this is a generalization. Again, it’s the energy we’re talking about, not people, as many men have plenty of feminine energy, and many women have plenty of masculine energy. It’s the beauty of diversity.

The reason I bring up this topic today, however, is because not only is Mars going direct, representing the masculine power surging forward, however, it is happening on Friday the 13th, which was traditionally in ancient cultures, a celebration of the Goddess, the feminine power. So in many ways this day unites the masculine and the feminine. Friday the 13th has in our modern times gotten a bad rap, as though it represents something evil. This is something the patriarchy (which is a twisted, wounded version of the masculine) has brought on society, but it’s not steeped in reality.

Now that the time has come for us to step into a new paradigm here on earth, it is time to heal the masculine and feminine energies within us and without. Both energies are equally important, and should stand side by side as we enter a new era. So let today be a reminder of this, and honor your own masculine and feminine selves. Healing these aspects of ourselves are one of the most important things we can do at this time. As you follow my blog, I will continue to offer up ways to heal the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, however some suggestions could be doing both something a bit extroverted and physical, like running, or shadow boxing, as well as something more introverted and calm, such as meditating, or dancing.

So that’s what I wanted to share with you today. I hope you are able to find ways to balance your own energies, and I wish you an empowered day!

Sending you lots of love and light,

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